Staycations UK: How to Take Photos for Famous Landmarks


In Great Britain? Go away! How to take photos of yourself in front of the world’s most famous sights … without leaving the comfort of your home


With uncertainty about safe overseas vacations, ‘staycations’ have become extremely popular. And as it turns out, you don’t have to go too far to replicate some of the world’s best destinations.

Here are the UK’s near-carbon copies of some of its most recognizable hotspots …

Dome of Dome: The Taj Mahal in India (left) attracts eight million visitors a year, but for a fraction of the cost you can enjoy the stunning architecture of Brighton’s Royal Pavilion (right)

Take me to Greek: the 5th century Temple of Hephaestus in Athens (left) or the Penshaw monument (right) in Sunderland, based on the architecture of the temple but a Northeast folly from the 1840s.

Bridge the Gap: Swap a gondola under the Rialto in Venice (left) for a punt on the River Cam (right) at the Bridge of Sighs, St John’s College

Welsh wizardry: the Czech town of Kutna Hora (left) is beautiful, but it’s no match for the styling of Portmeirion (right) where the iconic TV show The Prisoner was filmed

Fantastic: California may have the famous mile-long Golden Gate Bridge (left (, but our heavenly Humber (right), which opened in 1981, is even longer

The mauve the better: lots of luscious lavender at Abbaye de Senanque in France (left) and at Norfolk Lavender Farm in Caley Mill (right)

Brick by brick: China has its spectacular 12,000-mile Great Wall (left), but we have Hadrian’s (right), which is steeped in history and drama