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Staten Island superintendent claims anti-white text messages are ‘fake’

Staten Island’s black superintendent has denied sending a series of anti-white text messages to a staff member promising to fire white directors as she pushes for more diverse staff in the district.

Screenshots of the lyrics, credited to Dr. Marion Wilson, appear to show the educator vowing to “clean up this island” and saying, “No more white principals in my care!” according to silive.com.

Copies of the messages were emailed to Chancellor David Banks and the Department of Education (DOE), as well as city officials from the encrypted email address Mikeboy70@protonmail.com, the New York Post reported.

Multiple investigations have been launched regarding the salacious text exchange, but the DOE called them “baseless” and “fake” as they continue to investigate.

Staten Island’s black superintendent, Dr.

One of the alleged texts sent under Wilson’s name and obtained by the outlet read, “No more white clients on my watch!”

“I need to clean up this island,” reads another text.

White people need to recognize that this isn’t the boys’ club anymore. A strong black woman runs this b***h now, and they can get in or out.

“If they don’t work out, I’ll take them out one by one. They won’t know what hit them. Will be fun.’

A third text said ‘Chris’ white a** is GONE. It’s happening.’

The lyrics would refer to Christopher Anzalone – a former executive director of District 31 who moved to District 23 in Brooklyn as the executive director of school support and activities.

“I agreed to take CL… She will keep the whites off my back,” the text adds, referring to Christine Loughlin, who was removed by Chancellor Banks as Superintendent of District 3 in Manhattan.

Loughlin, who is white, is now the executive director of school support and activities in District 31.

Another screenshot purporting to be someone texting Wilson purports to show the pair talking about two white Staten Island executives, David Cugini of Susan Wagner HS and Nicholas Mele, the New York Post reports.

“LOL Mele and Cugini better play nice. They are first on the chopping block,” the alleged text reads.

The text messages were first investigated by the New York City Special Commissioner for Investigation (SCI), but were referred back to the DOE for action in October.

At that point, the DOE launched its own investigation through the department’s Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO).

A DOE spokesperson told silive.com that the SCI is now investigating the origin of the texts.

“This story has been doing the rounds since August and it’s not true,” DOE press secretary Nathaniel Styer told the outlet.

“SCI isn’t examining her. SCI investigates fake text messages and spoofing.’

The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) said it stands behind Wilson and the work she has done for Staten Island schools.

The alleged screenshot texts surfaced as Wilson pushed to employ more “BIPOC” — black, native and colored — in Staten Island schools, a parent told the outlet.

‘Dr. Wilson cares deeply about our students and school communities. One of her talents is her ability to bring people together behind the common goal of improving student achievement in all of our schools,” Sean Rotkowitz, Staten Island City Council representative for the UFT, told the outlet.

Multiple investigations have been launched regarding the salacious text exchange — but the DOE called them

Multiple investigations have been launched regarding the salacious text exchange — but the DOE called them “baseless” and “fake” as they continue to investigate

“As Deputy Superintendent and now Superintendent of Staten Island, Dr. Wilson has a track record of reviewing evidence and data and making fair decisions that support students, school communities and staff.”

Wilson, who has worked for the City of DOE, was named Superintendent of District 31 in August 2021.

Prior to her assignment, she had served as a teacher, instructional coach, principal, principal counselor, and deputy superintendent for the district.

Wilson was reappointed to the role of Superintendent of District 31 in June 2022.