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Start your engines and get ready for crazy races with LEGO 2K Drive | -WhatsNew2Day


Start your engines and get ready to ride LEGO 2K Drive is now available on all the platforms it was released on, so it’s time to drive anywhere and everywhere in this vast open-world adventure.

Your awesome transforming vehicles are ready to hit new tracks and set records across streets, off-road and watery terrain! The game will have many different biomes: Turbo Acres, Big Butte County, Prospecto Valley, and Hauntsborough.

Each of these sprawling locales is full of races, missions, challenges, collectibles and adorable LEGO residents, so you’ll have to do a lot of exploring if you want to see it all. You can freely roam Bricklandia on your own, play in local two-player co-op mode, or with a group of up to six friends in online Play With Friends mode.

If you prefer a little friendly competition, the online Play With Everyone mode lets you take on racers all over the world on a variety of tracks! You can also prepare for your next race by gaining insights into all the exciting Power-Ups that can help you take or maintain the lead, like Ghost’s creepy step-by-step scheme or an area-of-effect blast of shocking electromagnetic energy pulses.

But power-ups can take you even further – you’ll need to get a good handle on your driving techniques if you want to hit the biggest speeds, from basics like boost and drifting to more precise maneuvers like Quickturns. Everything you do in the expansive Story Mode brings you one step closer to the Sky Cup, the most prestigious prize any racer could hope for.

On your journey to take on the evil Shadow Z, you must prove yourself by outsmarting a series of unruly rival racers. And they all drive special cars that you can get if you win, like a giant skull on wheels or a frozen donut that turns into a bridge! You can also design your dream cars step by step in the Garage, where you can unleash your creativity and imagination.

Even after you’ve explored every bit of Bricklandia and put your best foot forward on the many tracks, there’s a lot to look forward to with post-launch content in Drive Pass Seasons, including free and premium rewards you can earn by playing! Season 1 Driving Pass owners get more rewards in the premium versions from Seasons 1 to 4, as well as an Awesome Pizza Vehicle and 550 coins that you can use in the in-game shop.

Key features of LEGO 2K Drive include:

  • A story in a vast open world: Players will travel through several unique biomes in Bricklandia as they compete against a series of charismatic opponents in hopes of one day winning the Sky Cup. In LEGO 2K Drive, players choose how they want to play, with a vast open world to explore full of races, mini-games, challenges, collectibles, objects to destroy, and recognizable vehicles from LEGO themes such as City, Creator, Speed ​​Heroes and more..
  • High-octane LEGO Racing: Racing in LEGO 2K Drive is a fast-paced, off-the-wall experience where players race across a wide variety of tracks while utilizing unique power-up abilities that can transform a player’s prestige in racing at the touch of a button.
  • UNIQUE CUSTOMIZATION: LEGO 2K Drive offers a diverse customization system that allows players to build their own cars to suit their tastes, with over 1,000 unique LEGO parts available over the course of their adventure, plus a huge selection of color schemes, decals, and more.
  • PLAY SOLO OR WITH YOUR FRIENDS: LEGO 2K Drive offers powerful co-op and exciting competitive multiplayer to enjoy with others. Play with family and friends in a local split screen for two or online with other brave racers of similar skill levels.

There will be more information about each season’s theme and rewards; Season 1 comes quickly with its debut in June, so you won’t have to wait long. We hope you enjoy exploring the massive open-world world of Bricklandia in LEGO 2K Drive, and we can’t wait to share what the coming seasons have in store! Grab the steering wheel and get ready for the ultimate driving experience!

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