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Starbucks Launches Curbside Service in China with AutoNavi


On March 21, Starbucks introduced a new retail channel in China called “Starbucks Curbside” through its cooperation with Alibaba-backed web navigation business AutoNavi, supplying orders to clients on the go. It is presently offered in 150 shops in Beijing and Shanghai, and will be broadened to over 1,000 shops in the nation over the next year.

The coffee chain’s curbside service leverages real-time path preparation and positional tracking innovation to provide the benefit of a drive-thru with minute accuracy. Upon putting an order online or through the Starbucks app, the digital platform produces a collection website and amount of time based upon a clients’ journey, allowing personnel to prepare drinks ahead of arrival.

This service for clients taking a trip in automobiles is an extension of the coffee giant’s “3rd location” principle to usage “on the go”, in addition to in-store and at-home alternatives.

Starbucks’ partners have actually observed that a number of its clients have actually asked for help in providing their coffee to their automobile after buying, specifically when they are not able to discover parking. As a reaction, in early 2021, Starbucks partnered with AutoNavi to check out a brand-new retail channel that resolves this issue. The 2 business interacted to improve, test, and change the procedure to make sure that the total experience is smooth for clients.

Starbucks China’s Vice President of Digital Ventures, Judy Zhang, specified that the Starbucks Curbside service is enabled due to the business’s high-density shop network, functional benefits, and AutoNavi’s core abilities in minute-level path preparation and real-time traffic conditions. Zhang likewise kept in mind that Starbucks Curbside is a substantial development compared to conventional drive-thru services.

“AutoNavi has actually ended up being a brand-new platform to offer a range of services.” Daniel Zhang, Chairman and CEO of Alibabastated at the Q3 efficiency conference in 2023, “AutoNavi effectively moved from being a map tool to ending up being a map-based service platform, which was popular by users.”

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Prior to the launch of Starbucks Curbside, Starbucks China relied primarily on in-store intake to draw in consumers, with its relaxing shops being popular for work or interacting socially. With the introduction of regional coffee chains like Luckin Coffee, more customers have actually turned to purchasing coffee on food shipment platforms, brought in by their affordable design that removes the requirement for physical shops. The launch of Starbucks Curbside reveals the business’s efforts to deal with strong competitors in China and adjust to the hectic lives of customers.

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