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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – EA promises weeks of patches and bug fixes – WhatsNew2Day


Much like Cal Kestis’ fate in this image, the future of Jedi: Survivor is uncertain at this time.

It remains exciting about Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. We already found out in the test version: The actually fantastic Star Wars game suffers from many technical problems – especially in terms of performance. A first so-called day-zero patch before the release fixed little, now another day-one patch on April 27th (i.e. one day before the release) should fix everything. We’ll see if he does that in a timely manner.

However, EA is already going one better, promising weeks of updates via Twitter that will take care of these three core topics:

  • bugs
  • Performance problems.
  • More accessibility.

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With such a tricky test version, such an announcement can of course be read in two directions:

  1. EA just wants to announce a nice service to people.
  2. EA operates expectation management: The fans should feel assured that any technical problems at launch will not last because very regular patches will take care of them.

We just don’t know yet how the final release version will go with the people out there. Even with a Geforce RTX 4090, the frame rates dropped to 30 FPS, there were major problems with asynchronous sound and ray tracing is not yet working as it should. More on that in Fritz’ video:

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - The Trial Version is a major performance disappointment

start video


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – The Trial Version is a major performance disappointment

The fact that EA and Respawn want to deliver a lot of patches after release is of course a great thing in principle. From a purely editorial point of view, we still advise you to be careful: Wait for the final release, the final tests and the final performance checks before you hit the 70 euros on the digital or physical counter. Jedi: Survivor wouldn’t be the first and only PC game to launch in 2023 with major technical issues.

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