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Stanley Turvey: How family of fugitive begged their face-tattooed loved one to hand himself in before he was gunned down by cops

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The family of a tattooed fugitive says they begged the crook to turn into police before he was shot dead by tactical officers.

Friends of Stanley Turvey, 33, are remembering him as a “modern-day Ned Kelly” after he was shot dead in rural Victoria on Wednesday morning.

The Finks bikie gang member launched a three-day manhunt after firing a gun during a police search of a property at Katandra West, north of Shepparton, in northern Victoria, Monday at noon.

Turvey left the scene and traveled to Finley in New South Wales before returning to Ardmona, south of Shepparton, where he was confronted and killed by police.

His family have since revealed they tried to contact Turvey, a drug addict, while he was on the run, hoping to convince him to hand himself in to police.

Stanley Turvey (above) was shot dead by Victoria Police on Wednesday after a three-day manhunt.

Turvey’s family and friends revealed they wanted him to go to police before he was shot (photo, police on the property in Ardmona where Turvey was killed)

Parent Phillip Turvey wrote online: “Stanley, Dad told you to give up because this wasn’t going to end well and look what happened.

“You should have listened to him.”

Several of Turvey’s other friends paid tribute to him online, describing him as a “family man before he became a criminal.”

“Despite the odds, Stanley Turvey, you might be in a better place,” one wrote.

“I’ve known you for a long time but you were wrong, buddy.

“I feel for your little ones, man, it could have been a different outcome, but the choices you made didn’t allow for it. Rest in peace.’

Another said: “Her family are the most beautiful (and) caring people you will ever meet.

“Yes, they know what he did was wrong and wish he wouldn’t have done what he did.”

“It’s a shame that Stanley took the wrong path with these damn drugs that exist today and are ruining many lives.

“His family sympathizes with those who were involved in all of this and hopes that they do not have to experience what he did to them.”

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Police launched a manhunt after Turvey (above) fired into the air as police visited his property in Katandra West.

A close friend of Turvey recalled how his relatives tried to contact him during the three days he spent on the run.

“We all stayed in touch as the situation deteriorated, (trying) to convince him to surrender,” they told the Sun Herald.

“But he was too manic. He just answered and hung up the phone.

“It was just a sad day for everyone.”

Victoria Police said Turvey fired a shot into the air as they went to the Katandra West property for a firearms prohibition order check on Monday.

Neighbor Dianne said Turvey was shirtless and screaming during the exchange with police.

“All the police officers were crouched down with their weapons drawn,” she said. Nine news.

“They kept telling him, ‘Put down your gun and put your hands behind your head.’

“And then he came back and he said, ‘I’m not going back to prison.’

Officers attempted to pursue Turvey as he fled, but lost control of their car on Creighton Road.

The vehicle rolled and the two officers inside were rushed to Goulburn Valley Health Hospital with minor injuries. They have since been released.

Somewhere along the way, Turvey abandoned his vehicle and stopped at a random residence in Youanmite where police say he held a man at gunpoint and forced him to surrender in Finley, across the New South Wales border.

Two police officers were slightly injured during the initial pursuit of Turvey as their car (above) rolled

The man was not injured and was released once the two men arrived.

However, police had raided Turvey’s property in Finley on Monday night, so the fugitive fled to nearby Yarrawonga, where he allegedly threatened a woman at gunpoint and stole her car on Tuesday morning.

Victoria Police confronted Turvey at a property on Turnbull Road in Ardmona and confirmed he was armed.

He was shot following a confrontation at 10:15 a.m. Wednesday.

Homicide detectives will investigate his death as part of an investigation overseen by Victoria Police’s Professional Standards Command.

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