Stalker, 32, sent thousands of insulting Instagram messages to musician, court hears


An obsessed stalker bombarded a musician with thousands of abusive messages and accused him of sexually assaulting her after they slept together once, a court heard.

Reanne Phillips, 32, labeled Franck Kouassi a rapist and pedophile in an “attempt to destroy his music career,” judges heard.

Violating orders preventing her from contacting him, she came to his house and set up hundreds of fake Instagram accounts to contact him, including accounts with photos of his mother, it is alleged.

Mr. Kouassi has only met Phillips twice, but she falsely claimed that he fathered her child.

Prosecutor Michael Peters told the Old Bailey, “It was an ongoing attempt to destroy his music career.”

In a series of reports, Phillips said Mr. Kouassi was a “dirty, smelly African”, a “cheater” and a “fraud”.

Franck Kouassi only met Phillips twice, but she falsely claimed he fathered her child

Mr. Kouassi told the court that he met Phillips on the street while on his way to a radio interview and talked to her for being ‘cheeky’.

They exchanged contact details on Snapchat and he suggested we go for a drink in November 2018.

On the date, they drove around Shoreditch before Phillips suggested going back to his house where they had sex.

Mr. Kouassi said they had ‘normal conversations’ on social media afterwards, but Phillips then became ‘demanding and aggressive’.

“Sometimes she sent a lot of messages that I just had to ignore,” he told the court.

“Sometimes I got maybe 50 messages a day.”

Mr. Kouassi blocked Phillips, but she then attacked him on Instagram.

“I saw a few accounts on Instagram calling me a rapist and a pedophile,” he said.

He called Phillips, but she told him a friend was responsible.

Mr. Kouassi (pictured) told the court that he met Phillips on the street on his way to a radio interview and talked to her because he was

Mr. Kouassi (pictured) told the court that he met Phillips on the street on his way to a radio interview and talked to her because he was “cheeky.”

That Christmas, Mr. Kouassi returned to his native Ivory Coast to see his family and opened Instagram to discover that ten fake accounts had been created.

“Someone had used a photo of my mother and created a fake profile,” he said.

“All my friends and employees were also abused.”

Mr Kouassi said he was busy blocking the fake accounts over the Christmas holidays.

“Social media is my bread and butter as a musician,” he told the jury.

He first went to the police when Phillips started sending him voicemail.

One of them said, “I know where your mom is … it’s going to be a problem for you now … get ready.”

“I barely knew her,” said Mr. Kouassi.

‘I just didn’t know why she went to these extremes.

‘I hadn’t hurt this person. I never despised her. I was clearly dealing with someone obsessed. ‘

Mr. Kouassi said he has 4,000 abusive messages on his phone and Phillips set up at least 900 fake accounts to attack him.

She received a harassment warning on February 12, but went to the police the next day, claiming the musician had strangled her.

Mr. Kouassi was arrested, but no further action was taken.

Phillips continued to harass him and wants to go back to the police on November 5, 2019.

Mr. Peters said: “She sent him a photo with a baby in a crib and said,” My baby daddy is a liar. “

In fact, Phillips never had a child, the court found.

On January 30, she reportedly sent him a message on Instagram describing him as ‘a rapist’ and a ‘dirty smelly African’.

In another sinister message, he said, “You’re not getting away with this. You’re going to get your head licked off.

“There was also a threat against Mr. Kouassi’s mother,” said Mr. Peters.

In July 2020, Phillips claimed the musician sexually assaulted her on the night they had sex 18 months earlier.

“The prosecution says this allegation was false and that Mr. Kouassi was deeply alarmed and concerned,” Peters told the jury.

Phillips, of District Road, Wembley, denies stalking the musician between December 1, 2019 and July 4, 2020.

The process continues.