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Square Enix is ​​aghast at poor pre-order numbers for Final Fantasy 16 on PS5


As we approach the release of one of the Japanese developer Square Enix’s biggest projects of the year, Final Fantasy 16, there are other concerns that the publisher is afraid of and is not very pleased with.

Final Fantasy XV will be a strong competitor for the title of Game of the Year along with many other strong titles, but this matter will not benefit much for the game developer if the game does not sell as expected, after all the huge marketing campaigns that it had, as we witnessed how the game product moved Yoshida around the world to share information and snapshots about this highly anticipated title.

An informed journalist shared with us Omran Khan By writing part of a post on Patreon platformAnd he raised some controversy about what he was hearing recently behind the scenes, as he wrote:

I recently heard that Square Enix is ​​freaking out a bit about Final Fantasy 16 pre-order numbers, lagging Final Fantasy 15 on even fewer platforms.” Imran went on to stress that the pre-orders are only an indication of the guaranteed first day sales, as the actual number could surprise everyone as he put it.

This comes after the publisher decided, strangely enough, to provide some unexpected updates regarding Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which we shared with you yesterday. Khan: “I wonder if they’d like to remind people that the next chapter of the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy is here, with more marketing time devoted to it than planned.

And he continued Khan Speaking of which, sales of the remake were good at first, but slowed down faster than Square Enix had anticipated, so he speculates that they want the Rebirth remake to sell as well as possible, he says.

This comes after his interview Yoshida With a Japanese talk show online Weekly Ochiai And we shared it with you earlier, where he joked that “He wouldn’t want to look at Final Fantasy 16’s first week sales.” At the time, he was talking about the Japanese market specifically, and added that “Develop a sales plan that will last 18 monthsHe also saidI took a simple approach to tryConvincing gamers to get Final Fantasy 16 along with their PS5 purchase.”

In any case, Sony’s marketing power should help increase sales of the game and push it significantly, but first we have to wait for the game reviews, which will be released after a week and a half at least.

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