Spotify tests an in-app button & # 39; create podcast & # 39;

Spotify wants as many podcasts as possible on its platform and it is now testing a new button in its app that encourages people to make one. Code speaker Jane Wong saw a new button in the Spotify podcast library with the text & # 39; Create podcast & # 39; and, if tapped, send people to the Anchor app, if it is already installed, or to an informative web page about the app.


Earlier this year, Spotify acquired Anchor, a podcast technology company. Anchor is designed to make it easy for anyone to make a podcast by recording directly from their phone. The ownership of Spotify from Anchor is not super obvious in both apps, but it seems that that can change.

Spotify called the function a test in a statement The edge: ”We always test new products and experiences to improve the overall Spotify experience. Some tests will eventually give way to upgrades of our product, others are just tests. We currently have no news anymore. "

What is especially interesting about this test is that Spotify is also the owner of a company called Soundtrap that recently launched a podcast creation tool. The difference is that Anchor is designed to be more casual, while Soundtrap is seen as more serious editing software that is designed to be used in a studio setup even when it's at home. I have been waiting to see the relationship between Anchor and Spotify becoming more prominent, and this could finally be an indication of that event.

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