Spot Fake Online Casinos & What’s the Best Sports Bet?

Before you think about what you’re going to bet on, let’s look at where you’re going to wager your money. Some experts say there are now more fake than real online gaming websites and that most are set up to steal your personal information, like your credit card data. So how to avoid the scams and find the best online casino for you? Let’s look at some warning signs.

Don’t give out personal information

When you register, DO NOT give your home address or your phone number or your real name. WARNING: In many US states, Canadian provinces and in other countries, anybody can go online and the government will sell them your entire driving record if they have your real name and your home address! A smart scammer uses that information to get your social security number and that could mean they take out loans and credit cards in your name. No gaming site needs your real name or address. You can use a made-up name and a random email address. As for how to wager and collect your winnings, many bettors use a crypto-currency account like Bitcoin.

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Black Jack best odds among card games

To find out if a gaming site is legitimate, join various gaming communities and blogs. They are all over social media and people who spend a lot of time gambling online share tips on how to keep your identity and your money safe, and which sites are a scam. Forums and communities will also tell you which games fair and which ones are have the chips stacked against you. For example, the legendary Vegas mobster and casino kingpin, Myer Lansky, was known to run the most honest gaming tables in Sin City. He knew the house always wins and doesn’t need to cheat customers. Lansky did not gamble himself but said the card or casino game with the best odds is Black Jack. Lansky, who was a genius with numbers, said the player has a 17% chance of winning against the house.

US Federal Court Lifts Sports Betting Ban

However, the “most honest mobster ever” added that sports betting is usually superior to card games. Lansky said that in his opinion, American football is the best bet. That’s become doubly true since the Supreme Court of the United States lifted the federal ban on sports betting on May 14, 2018. States right across the US almost immediately legalized gambling or are preparing to do so. It’s expected most of that action will be taken over by a wide range of mobile apps. Lansky added that the bettor has the best chance of winning by wagering on just one game – where it’s allowed. Parlays (picking more than one game) and “props” or propositions (picking specific statistics achieved during a game) can pay huge returns but the odds of parlays or “props” coming through are much slimmer.

Point spreads and Over/Under

Most American football bets are based on the Point Spread (the number of points the winning team must defeat the losing team by). Say the point spread is 7.5 points. That means the favored team must win by 8 or more points to be a winning bet. If the underdog loses by less than 7.5 points, those who bet on that team are the winners. In the Over/Under, bookmakers predict the total number of points that will be scored in the game by both teams combined. Say they set the Over/Under at 52.5 total points. If the final score in a game is 24-20, for example, a total of 44 points was scored. That means the total was Under the predicted Over/Under. So those who bet on the Under are the winners. Half points in both the Spread and Over/Under are used to avoid ties and to make sure there is a winning and a losing bet. Yes, betting on games can add a lot of excitement to sports but remember to stay within your limits and that sure things do not exist in any kind of wager, no matter what that guy at the bar says. That’s why it’s called “gambling”!