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Amnesty International CRITICIZES Gianni Infantino for “ignoring legitimate human rights criticism” in his bizarre pre-World Cup speech, urging FIFA boss to use tournament legacy fund to compensate workers and their families.

Amnesty International has hit out at Gianni Infantino for ‘dismissing the enormous price paid by migrant workers’ after the FIFA president made a bizarre speech defending Qatar on the eve of the World Cup.

Infantino claimed he “felt like a migrant worker” before suggesting that if Europe “really cared” about migrant workers, it could do what Qatar did and offer countries a “legal” step.

It came after protests across the soccer world against the World Cup in Qatar, with Bundesliga clubs displaying banners in protest and Amnesty International demonstrating in Lisbon.

Gianni Infantino Has Been Criticized By Amnesty International For 'Ignoring Human Rights Criticism'

Gianni Infantino has been criticized by Amnesty International for ‘ignoring human rights criticism’

The Fifa President Defended Qatar On The Eve Of The World Cup In A Bizarre Speech

The FIFA president defended Qatar on the eve of the World Cup in a bizarre speech

Responding to Infantino’s comments, Steve Cockburn, Director of Economic and Social Justice at Amnesty International, has issued a statement saying: “By setting aside legitimate criticism of human rights, Gianni Infantino is dismissing the enormous price paid by migrant workers to make their flagship tournament possible. – as well as FIFA’s responsibility in this regard.

“Demands for equality, dignity and compensation cannot be treated as some kind of culture war: they are universal human rights that FIFA has committed to uphold in its own statutes.”

Cockburn went on to discuss how important it was that the workers who suffered while preparing Qatar for the World Cup be compensated.

Amnesty International Urged Fifa To Use World Cup Legacy Fund To Compensate Workers

Amnesty International urged FIFA to use World Cup legacy fund to compensate workers

He continued: ‘If there is a small ray of hope, it is that Infantino announced that FIFA would establish a legacy fund after the World Cup. However, this cannot be a mere showcase.

“If FIFA wants to salvage anything from this tournament, it must announce that it will invest a significant portion of the $6 billion the organization will earn from this tournament and ensure that this fund is used to directly compensate workers and their families.” .

It is believed that as many as 6,500 migrant workers may have died while preparing Qatar for the World Cup, although tournament organizers put the figure at just 37, only three of whom have come from accidents at work.

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