Sports Events You Should See at Least Once

There are people in the world who live and breathe sports. Whereas others can easily give the sporting industry a miss. So many iconic sports events happen all around the world. They’re spectacular to watch even if you don’t know what’s going on. Here are just a few to get you started. 


Wimbledon is a quintessentially British summer sport. The best tennis players in the world come to compete against one another on the famous courts. Whether you want to see some impressive tennis talent, or just fancy going for the experience and some strawberries and cream – Wimbledon has a worthy place on this list. It’s so easy to get there too, as trains travel to Wimbledon regularly throughout the year. 


A list of iconic sports events is not complete without the Olympics. They did not get to happen in 2020, but it is hoped the games will take place in Tokyo this year. The Olympics cover an incredible array of sports: from athletics to wrestling. The event takes place for 16 days. Athletes train their whole lives for a chance to compete for a gold medal. There are so many amazing events to watch, even just on TV. 

Wife Carrying 

While some sporting events are legendary, there are some you have to see for yourself to believe they’re real. Such as the wife-carrying contest in Finland. Competitors have to carry their wives through a 253-metre obstacle course. There are two dry parts and a one-metre deep water part. The goal is to finish in the fastest time. Yes, there are rules. The wife must be over a certain weight – or carry a backpack to make up the extra. She has to be at least 17-years-old.

Cheese Rolling 

You don’t have to look far to find an unusual sport. Here in the UK, Gloucestershire, cheese rolling takes place every year. While it sounds like dairy delight, it’s actually quite dangerous. Each year hundreds of local men and women climb up Coopers Hill and have to race down. Some literally throw themselves into it and tumble down the hill. No-one quite knows where this tradition comes from, but that doesn’t stop people from taking part every year. 

These events – however famous or odd – are a chance to bring people together and root for something. Fingers crossed this year we get to see more sports take place. What’s a sporting event you’d like to see?