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​Sports Betting In Australia

Sport is a huge part of Australian culture, and the country’s standard of play is a major part of the country’s self-image. Over 15% of the nation’s 24 million people tune in to an NRL contest and several of them like the excitement of betting on it as well.

In Australia, it is quite acceptable to wager on sports. When it comes to online sports gambling in Australia, there are a few rules and regulations that one should be aware of.


Most notable is that in-play internet wagering is illegal, unlike most other countries where sports gambling thrives.

The first issue with sports wagering is that the country has no specific regulation overseeing the practice. Each jurisdiction regulates betting in its territory, which is then governed by the federal government.

The Collaborative Gambling Act, which was carried out in 1999, is the country’s most major legislation that has changed how sports betting operates in the country. As a result, online betting companies were made unlawful in Australia — apart from sports betting. 

Online sports bets can be placed by any organization with a retail location in Australia, as well as by Australian-based bookies. The majority of Australian bookies have an internet presence. Many of the most well-known foreign bookmakers are also permitted to conduct business in Australia.

It’s crucial to remain aware of the prohibition on wagering while the game is in progress. Australia does not allow online wagering, but you can place bets over the phone and in person at a local bookie while an event is in progress.

In Australia, there is a severe problem with gambling responsibly. Given the substantial public interest in sports and wagering, the betting business has faced substantial social pressure to maintain high standards of conduct. Before self-certification standards of practice, the few actions taken in this regard failed to address the root causes of gambling problems. In recent years, some regional governments have established organizations to deal with the problems generated and to encourage responsible gaming in their jurisdictions.

When it comes to online gambling, it’s important to be aware of the limits that exist in Australia, even though sports gambling is allowed and practiced by several well-known companies in the industry.

Finding the right sports betting site

Since there are a plethora of online providers ready to offer sports betting services to Australian clients. It would be ideal for prospective bettors to have a look at some reliable sources such as this great guide by Safebettingsites about the sports betting scene in Australia reviewed by experts who have been studying the subject and learning the differences between the different sportsbooks and what they have to offer.

Here are some of the most common sports Australians love to wager on:


It’s no surprise that tennis is one of the most popular sports in Australia’s online community. The Australian Grand, which invites the top tennis professionals from across the world to our shores, has also contributed to tennis’ surge in popularity over the years. Over 78,658 Australians were in attendance at this year’s Australian Open finals, which was a considerable rise over last year’s finals. 1.8 million fans watched the Australian competition, while over a million people watched the women’s final.


Soccer is a popular sport in Australia and the sport was first established in Australia a long time ago Ever since the game has witnessed a rise in both spectators and participants. Football is also Australia’s most popular outdoor activity. When the world’s best soccer players meet in person, it’s easy to see how passionate Australians are about the game. Real Madrid’s 2016 matchup with Manchester City drew around 99,000 fans. The World Cup is seen by roughly 3 million Australians, whereas the  Champions League, or the Australian league is watched by about 3.8 million.


Rugby union is not to be mistaken with rugby league, which is popular in Australia. There are 15 players in this sport, and the kind of charge is different. In contrast to rugby league, rugby union permits players to make seven replacements throughout a game. About 86,857 people in Australia play these games, which dates back to the nineteenth century. Australia’s professional rugby team, known as the Aussies, has won the Rugby World Cup twice in its history.


Golf is one of the biggest and best activities in recent years, with a steady rise in participation. Golf was first played in Australia in the 18th century and since then has increased in popularity. A prominent golf tournament in Australia, the Professional Golf of Australasian, draws several of the finest players in the world. Several Australians have enjoyed success in the Championship of Australasia.

 Rugby Union Football Union

If you’re a fan of rugby league, you’ll like the NRL. Male teams from Australia and New Zealand compete in the NRL. The NRL is watched by about 117 million people in both New Zealand and Australia. An estimated 7 million Aussies tuned in to watch the NRL last year. The NRL is clearly among the most spectated sports in Australia, and this is being proven by recent rising stats.

Football (the American version)​​

Football, often known as “gridiron,” was first played in Australia during the second world war, and since then, it has become an increasingly popular sport. In Australia, there are 2,750 players and 74 teams playing American football. The American league ‘NFL’ is also a popular sport that is commonly watched in Australia. In fact, Millions of Aussies watch and bet on the Super Bowl each year.

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