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Spoiler alert! ‘Star Wars’, ‘Sixth Sense’ and 35 more of the biggest plot twists in movie history


Warning: spoilers ahead for 37 movies. And they are major spoilers. Consider yourself warned!

Seriously, we’re warning you. (We’re not kidding in the headline of this piece!)

OK, this is your absolute final warning….

Now that we’ve got those things settled, let’s dive into the greatest movie plot twists of all time!

“No, I’m your father.” “Soylent Green is People!” “Rosebud.” “What’s in the box?” “I see dead people.”

Those are all dialogue lines related to some of the most shocking revelations in movie history. They might have been the clue to the twist, or maybe they were the twist itself, but either way, they impressed the audience.

In a interview with Jake Hamilton, The Sixth Sense And Divide filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan – the master of twist endings – explained his process for creating impact. “What you’re left with at the end of the movie should tell you what you saw…. When you hold the landing, you give them the keys to say, ‘This is how you should interpret everything you’ve seen,'” he said.

Check out some of the most memorable movie twists ever below.

Written by Patrick Brzeski, Tyler Coates, Ryan Gajewski, James Hibberd, Hilary Lewis, Kimberly Nordyke, Lexy Perez, Christy Piña, Carly Thomas and Etan Vlessing

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