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Spoiled alcohol kills seven people in Morocco


Seven people have died as a result of consuming bad alcohol in Morocco, while the police have arrested two people suspected of involvement in selling it, the Moroccan news agency MAP reported on Tuesday.

The agency quoted a security source as saying that the police in the city of Meknes (central north) opened a judicial investigation into “the death of seven people, and the injury of an eighth person with poisoning, after they consumed an alcoholic substance suspected of having acquired it from a store that sells consumer goods.”

The police seized “dozens of empty plastic bottles that contained sterilization alcohol, which caused the death of the victims,” ​​in this shop.

It also arrested the shop owner, 67, and his assistant, 17, on suspicion of their involvement in “possessing and selling alcoholic substances that are harmful to public health, and causing the death of their consumers,” according to the same source.

Similar incidents have already been recorded in Morocco. In September, 19 people died in the city of Al-Qasr Al-Kabir in the north of the Kingdom due to consuming spoiled alcoholic beverages, according to local media at the time.

Also, 20 others died in the city of Oujda (east) in July 2021 for the same reason.

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