Theresa May speech: What time is Theresa May speaking to MPs on Brexit today?

Theresa May is ready to tell parliamentarians that the Brexit retirement agreement and its protocols are 95 percent agreed upon in a speech today.

In the statement to the House of Representatives after lengthy talks with EU leaders in Brussels, the Prime Minister will say that the shape of the agreement in the vast majority of the withdrawal agreement is now clear.

The withdrawal agreement is the agreement or legal treaty that the United Kingdom will sign with the EU to complete its exit at the end of the period of article 50, on March 29.

Today's speech will see Ms. May tell parliamentarians that since the last month's summit in Salzburg, "important progress" has been made on issues such as security, transport and services.

The Prime Minister has taken the unusual step of informing in advance a planned statement to the Commons.

What time will Theresa May's statement be?

Ms. May will speak with parliamentarians about the deal at 3:30 pm today.

It is expected to confirm the future of Gibraltar and the protocol surrounding the military base of Cyprus in the United Kingdom.

In addition to this, the Prime Minister will explain that there is an agreed procedure to resolve any future dispute with the EU.

This statement occurs when Ms. May faced criticism of the Brexit talks that appear to have made little or no progress.

Yesterday, Brexit secretary Dominic Raab urged Tory's impatient parliamentarians to criticize Ms. May for "playing for the team" and waiting for an agreement.

To stifle this criticism, the Prime Minister intends to demonstrate the progress made by drawing parliamentarians' attention to all the specific areas of agreement that have already been reached.

This will include liquidating the divorce bill at £ 39bn and having until at least the end of 2020 to implement these plans.

Ms. May will also speak about the recognition of the rights of EU citizens living in the United Kingdom and citizens of the United Kingdom abroad.

She is expected to say: "All this, only in the last three weeks, adds to the agreements we had already reached.

"This includes agreements on the rights of citizens, on financial settlement, on the implementation period."

But it will continue: "As I said last week, we could not accept the original proposal of EU support, since it would mean creating a customs border in the Irish Sea and breaking the integrity of the United Kingdom.

"I do not think any prime minister in the UK can accept this, and I certainly will not."

Tensions over Brexit have become widespread, with angry backbenchers warning Ms. May that she is "drinking in the last room of possibilities."

These comments were made in response to the Prime Minister's negotiating strategy after a summit in Brussels.

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