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Spanish actor Gabriel Guavar arrested at Venice Film Festival on sexual assault charges


Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara, star of Amazon Prime hit My mistake teen movie franchise, has been arrested at the Venice Film Festival. Gueveta had an active international arrest warrant issued against him for alleged sexual abuse in France. Venice police confirmed the arrest, originally reported by the Venice daily La Nuova.

The appeals court will decide on his case before extradition proceedings can begin.

Guevara was in Venice to receive the Best Young Actor award presented by Filming Italy on Saturday, September 2. He was arrested that same day by the Italian State Police.

Guevara rose to European fame in 2018 as Cristian Miralles Haro in the first season of Shame Spainthe local adaptation of a popular teen drama franchise, and its starring roles in the My mistake movies only boosted his profile.

His other credits include How to ruin it all (2022) and You are nothing special.

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