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Spain’s Women’s World Cup winners get matching ‘There’s no summer without a KISS!’ temporary tattoos to make light of FA president’s kiss-gate scandal, as more complaints emerge


Spain’s Women’s World Cup winners receive a ‘There’s no summer without KISS!’ temporary tattoos to shed light on FA chairman’s Kiss-Gate scandal as new complaints emerge

Jennifer Hermoso has flaunted a new temporary tattoo referencing the World Cup ‘kiss-gate’ scandal that has engulfed Spanish football.

Hermoso, 33, played a key role in Spain’s women’s team’s 1-0 victory over England in the World Cup final on Sunday, but during post-match celebrations the FA president Spaniard, Luis Rubiales, caused a huge controversy by kissing her on the mouth without her consent.

Sports Mail reported on Thursday that the World Cup winner and FIFPRO have asked the governing body to take action against Rubiales.

Hermoso and several teammates hinted at the scandal by posting a photo of their temporary tattoos as they relaxed on a yacht on vacation in Ibiza after their success with two-time Ballon d’Or winner Alexia Putellas, Ona Batlle , Teresa Abelleira and Cata Coll. also showing off theirs.

They uploaded photos with temporary inking of “#NoHayVeranoSinBeso,” which translates to “There’s no summer without a kiss.”

Spain’s Jennifer Hermoso has flaunted a new tattoo referencing the World Cup ‘kiss-gate’ scandal.

Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales (right) faces calls to resign after kissing Hermoso on the mouth without his consent after La Roja beat England 1-0 in the FIFA Cup final world on Sunday.

Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales (right) faces calls to resign after kissing Hermoso on the mouth without his consent after La Roja beat England 1-0 in the FIFA Cup final world on Sunday.

It is reported that the tattoos come from the Beso Beach report in Formentera, a small Spanish island near Ibiza.

Rubiales was Wednesday accused of sexual assault.

Attacking midfielder Hermoso, who plays for CF Pachuca, admitted she ‘didn’t like it’ when Rubiales grabbed her and hugged her before kissing her on the lips at the celebratory podium after the game, for which he later reluctantly apologized. although he initially defended his behavior.

He also grabbed her crotch, which was described by American legend Megan Rapinoe as a “signal of a deep level of misogyny and sexism”, who insisted her kiss was a “physical assault”.

Spanish football chief Miguel Ángel Galán filed a complaint with the Madrid public prosecutor’s office and the state attorney general’s office, alleging that Rubiales’ actions constituted sexual assault.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez criticized Rubiales and asked him to explain the kiss. Sports MailIan Herbert of Ian Herbert described Rubiales as ‘reptilian’ and ‘creepy’, as it emerged Hermoso had rejected the opportunity to appear in his apology video despite pleading: ‘My position is on the line , do it for my daughters”.

On Wednesday, Rubiales was rocked by new damaging allegations. As reported by Spanish media El ConfidentialRubiales now faces charges that he took a Mexican woman on a six-day vacation to New York.

He also allegedly harassed and humiliated a colleague, who claimed to have asked him questions about the color of his underwear and about wearing “knee pads” during meetings where they worked together.

Alexia Putellas also posted a photo of the tattoo

Just like her teammates Teresa Abelleira and Ona Batlle (right)

Teammates Alexia Putellas, Ona Batlle, Teresa Abelleira and Cata Coll also showed off theirs

Rubiales was also sensationally filmed grabbing her crotch in wild scenes alongside Queen Letizia and her 16-year-old daughter Princess Infanta Sofía.

Damning footage has circulated on Twitter showing Rubiales’ outrageous celebration in the stands at Sydney’s Stadium Australia on August 20.

The news fell the same day Sports Mail reported that Spain coach Jorge Vilda appeared to grab the chest of a female staff member during celebrations for the World Cup final.

Video footage taken seconds after Olga Carmona’s 29th-minute goal against the Lionesses shows the Spanish coaching staff celebrating – and Vilda’s left hand appearing to linger on a female coaching staff member’s chest.

Players have also had complaints about Vilda’s conduct, amid allegations that he created a controlling environment.

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