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Sovereign citizen brutally slapped by police officer in NSW: ‘This is not America’


Sovereign citizen is brutally slapped by a policeman when he was stopped for a random breath test: ‘This is not America, friend’

  • A man was detained for a breath test in New South Wales
  • He argued with the police before leaving

A ‘sovereign citizen’ who was stopped by police received sensible service after he refused to comply with a random breath test.

After demanding to see the officer’s badge number, he was bluntly told, “This ain’t America, man.”

The Victorian man was driving in New South Wales when police pulled him over for an RBT. Footage of the incident, filmed by a passenger in the car, was uploaded to a ‘cooker watch’ social media page on Monday.

The vision shows a police officer approaching the driver’s side of the vehicle.

The driver seems calm at first and asks: ‘What is the emergency officer today and how can I help?’

“I just stopped you for a random breath test,” the police officer replies.

Police detained a man in NSW for a breath test

A dog in the back seat of the car was watching the police officer.

A dog in the back seat of the car was watching the police officer.

The officer informs the driver that he has a camera on him and that ‘everything is recorded’.

After again asking to see the man’s driver’s license, the officer asks the driver to open the door so he doesn’t have to reach through the open rear window where a dog sits in the back seat.

“I don’t want to reach in there and have that dog bite me,” says the officer.

The driver then seems frustrated and raises his voice.

“Just give me the fucking machine mate,” he says.

“I’m going to blow into the bag of shit and then I’ll be gone.”

At one point, the driver or passenger can be heard asking an officer standing on the curb next to the car for its ‘license number’.

The officer replies that he doesn’t have one.

“This ain’t America dude,” he tells the men in the car.

a police officer told the men in the car 'this ain't America, man'

a police officer told the men in the car ‘this ain’t America, man’

The policeman repeats his request to see the man’s license but the driver continues to yell.

“I haven’t done anything wrong,” he says.

There’s no emergency here, you just pulled me over because I’m a Victorian number plate in your town.

The officer can be heard calling for backup on his walkie-talkie.

The officer and the driver then discuss the moments before he was pulled over.

After being asked once more to hand over his license, the man finally agrees, but isn’t happy about it.

‘Hurry up buddy,’ he says.

‘Don’t fucking snatch it, you childish little son of a bitch.’

The policeman asks the driver if he had consumed alcohol that day, to which the man says no.

“That’s why I’m screwed,” he says.

Several more police cars and officers then arrive on the scene as backup.

The couple continue to hassle the police as they drive away.

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