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Southport, Gold Coast cop goes viral for incredible bolt after an offender


The incredible escape of a speedy cop after a perpetrator flees on a scooter goes viral

  • The pursuit of a policeman on foot makes for a spectacular scene
  • Stops the suspect with the intervention of the Good Samaritan

A speedy police officer who sprinted after – and caught – a scooter-riding suspect has gone viral for his incredible pace.

A Gold Coast officer approached a suspicious man on a scooter on Feb. 17 before driving off through Southport’s business district.

That led to a dramatic foot chase that was caught on camera as the officer charged after the suspect.

A speedy cop chasing a suspect who didn’t stop for questioning has gone viral

A civilian then managed to knock the alleged criminal off the scooter, ending the dramatic chase.

The quick-footed officer gained attention after Queensland Police used the footage to highlight a recent spike in crime in the city’s CBD.

The rise in crime has led local police to increase their patrols to reduce public disorder and street offenses in the CBD.

The 39-year-old man on the scooter was charged with multiple offenses, each of which included charges of theft, forgery of a legal document, fare evasion and obstruction of police.

He will appear in court later this month.

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