Southerners are far less generous with their cash than people from northern regions, figures suggest

Angels of the North! Southerners are far less generous with their cash than people in northern regions, according to the figures.

  • Manchester and neighboring Salford are the two most generous cities in the UK
  • They were followed by Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow, GoFundMe data reveals
  • Ireland is the most generous country in the world, followed by the US and the UK.



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Northerners already have a reputation for being friendlier and more welcoming than people in the South.

Now they have also proven to be more generous with their money.

Areas north of Birmingham dominate a table that reveals who is most generous when asked to donate to charities or appeals.

Only two cities in the south of the country are in the top ten compiled by the GoFundMe fundraising website.

Manchester (File Photo) Ranked First As The Country'S Most Generous City, Gofundme Revealed

Manchester (file photo) ranked first as the country’s most generous city, GoFundMe revealed

Manchester came first on the list, retaining its title from a similar survey in 2021, while neighboring Salford came second. Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow followed. Norwich came sixth, Bradford seventh and Newcastle tenth. The two bountiful cities in the south, St Albans in Hertfordshire and Brighton in East Sussex, were eighth and ninth.

The GoFundMe figures also showed that Ireland remains the world’s most generous country, followed by the US and the UK, a place that rose to third from fourth last year. Canada and Australia claimed fourth and fifth places for 2022.

GoFundMe’s John Coventry said: “The UK’s rise up the ranking of most generous countries was partly due to the huge response on our platform to the crisis in Ukraine, which was led by generous UK donors.” Despite the cost-of-living crisis, people are digging deep into the people and causes that matter to them. What we have seen in 2022 is that in times of crisis, good-hearted people always want to help each other.”

GoFundMe revealed that around £205 million was raised for Ukraine on the US website and platform Classy in 2022, with more than 1.2 million donations.

The top three UK fundraisers were all related to Ukraine following the invasion of Russia in February. Brits donated more than £2.8 million to the Association of Ukrainians, which topped the charts as the largest GoFundMe UK appeal.

Another fundraising event on the list, whose aim was to “keep Ukrainian media running”, raised over £960,000.

GoFundMe has seen one donation per second in 2022.

The 10 Most Generous Places

1. Manchester



4. Edinburgh




8. Saint Alban

9.Brighton and Hove

10. Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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