South Carolina couple arrested after ignoring pregnant woman’s ‘tortured cries

South Carolina couple arrested after refusing to listen to the ‘tortured cry’ of a 22 year-old woman who was being ‘bludgeoned death by her uncle’ at their house.

On Monday, Melissa Burnett (49), and Michael Burnett (43) were identified as close relatives of Tyler Wilkens (21). Tyler Wilkens is being accused of beating Clarissa Winchester, 22 to death.

Wilkins was charged with murder and kidnapping on November 10. Winchester’s body and Winchester’s newborn baby were discovered dead in a Greenville County home just after 8 pm the previous night.

According to a probable cause statement obtained by, Wilkins was Winchester’s boyfriend, and also the father of Winchester’s baby. He allegedly beat Winchester over two hours and left her with fatal injuries to the head and neck. WMBF-TV.

The Burnett’s ‘were in the house at the time of the brutal assault’ but ‘failed to act, call 911, or provide any other assistance,’ even as Winchester reportedly screamed for help, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Melissa Burnett, 49

South Carolina couple Michael Burnett, 43 and Melissa Burnett 49 were arrested after they ignored Clarissa Winchester’s ‘tortured Cries’. Clarissa, 22 was allegedly ‘bludgeoned deathly’ in their home. Tyler Wilkins, 21, was also alleged to have ‘bludgeoned them to death’.

Winchester Was Seven Months Pregnant At The Time Of The Fatal Beating But It Remains Unclear If The Baby Was Stillborn Or Was Born During The Deadly Attack

Winchester was seven months old when the fatal beating occurred. However, it is unclear if Winchester’s baby was stillborn or born during the attack.

Wilkins Was Arrested And Charged With Kidnapping And Murder On November 10, After The Lifeless Bodies Of Winchester And Her Newborn Baby Were Found In The Greenville County Home

Wilkins was charged with kidnapping, murder and other charges on November 10. The Greenville County home where Winchester and her infant son were found dead, Wilkins was arrested.

The couple were arrested on Saturday on misprisions of felony charges. They have been released on $20,000 bonds since then, according to the sheriff’s Office.

In a report by, Wilkins described the Burnetts as Wilkins’ aunt and uncle. The StateAccording to a spokesperson for Sheriff’s Office, the answer is “Yes.”

Public records show that Michael Burnett resides at the address police claimed they found Winchester’s body, along with a dead fetus.

Winchester was seven-months pregnant at the time Winchester died. It is not known if the baby was stillborn, or if it was born during the fatal beating.

Wilkins was also charged with unlawful behavior toward a child, for allegedly failing to seek medical attention for the newly born fetus.

According to a report by a, Winchester had originally planned to name Grayson Cain the baby. GoFundMe Her family set it up.

Clarissa’s parents Michael and Melinda Winchester said they set up the fund to help them overcome ‘one the hardest losses’. [their] entire lives.’

“We are trying our best to overcome the loss of Clarissa Michelle Winchester (grandchild) and Grayson Cain Winchester (daughter).

“We need your help to bury our kids. If you have a heart to do so, please donate to this cause.

The fund has already raised $5800, which is $300 more that the family had hoped to raise.

Michael And Melinda Winchester (Pictured), Clarissa'S Parents, Said Losing Their Daughter Was 'One Of The Toughest Losses In [Their] Entire Lives'

Clarissa’s parents Michael Winchester and Melinda Winchester (pictured), admitted that losing their daughter was one of the most difficult losses they had ever suffered. [their] entire lives’

The Fund Set Up For Clarissa Winchester, Has Already Raised $5,800, Which Is $300 More Than The Family Were Hoping To Raise

Clarissa Winchester’s fund has raised $5,800. This is $300 more than what the family was hoping to raise.

Those Donating To The Family Of Clarissa, Noted That The Young Mom-To-Be Was Excited To Have Her Son And Paid Their Respects To The 22-Year-Old On Her Go Fund Me Page

Clarissa’s family was honored by those who donated to her Go Fund Me page. They noted that Clarissa, the young mother-to-be, was thrilled to have her son.

Michael Claims He And His Daughter Had Been Victims Of Wilkins In The Past And That He Had Seen The Warning Signs Early On

Michael claims that Wilkins had previously attacked him and his daughter, and that he saw the warning signs before they were too late.

Winchester Had Planned To Name The Baby, Who Was A Boy, Grayson Cain, According To A Gofundme Set Up By Her Family

According to GoFundMe information, Winchester had intended to name her baby Grayson Cain.

A few people donated comments on the soon-to be mom, saying that they were ‘excited to become mommy’.

Clarissa Winchester was told by Melinda, Clarissa’s mother Fox 8It was the death of her child that changed her life.

‘She It was my baby. She She meant everything to me,” she stated.

“I can’t even speak to her right now.”

Her Father Michael stated that they could not reach their daughter the day she died. He also noted that her silence was unusual.

“We tried to reach her.” Melinda tried calling her at 7.30 AM, but did not get an answer.

We tried to reach his phone. It rang several times, and then did the same again. We just assumed that they were still in bed.

‘After After a while, his phone went straight to voicemail. Her phone rang throughout the entire process, but she never received an answer.

“We know Clarissa wasn’t there and we don’t have a relationship with her.”

Michael stated that he was concerned about his seven-month-old daughter.

After waiting for her to call, he set out to find her boyfriend at a Saw Mill Road house.

Michael replied, “We decided that we would go to check on her.”

“I went to his front door and could immediately tell that something was not right. He We immediately called the police after we went back into his house and shut his door.

“They were out right away, and things started to unfold. We did not know that she was already in our home. He She was put to death by the force of her will.

Investigators Said Earlier This Month That They'Re Eyeing Wilkins In Relation To The Disappearance Of Jorden Nebling, A 19-Year-Old Woman Last Seen October 10 2020

Investigators indicated earlier this month they are looking into Wilkins in connection with the disappearance Jorden Niebling, a 19 year-old female last seen October 10, 2020.

Sheriff'S Office Investigator Blake Wolfe Said That Nebling Was Last Seen Being Picked Up By An Ex-Boyfriend

Blake Wolfe, a Sheriff’s Office investigator, stated that Nebling was last picked up by an ex boyfriend

Nebling'S Stepmother, Mary Tucker, Identified Her Ex-Boyfriend As Wilkins In Reports And Has Accused Him Of Being Involved In The Disappearance Of Nebling

Mary Tucker, Nebling’s stepmother has identified Wilkins as her ex-boyfriend in reports. She has also accused Wilkins of being involved with the disappearance Nebling 

Wilkins Has Not Been Charged In Connection With Nebling'S Disappearance

Nebling’s disappearance is still unsolved. Wilkins has not been indicted

Michael said that he and his wife were excited to be grandparents.

‘The baby would’ve meant…did mean everything to us and we refer to him as a baby,’ Michael said.

“We’d been waiting patiently and buying this baby boy. He stated that we had been robbed of the chance to be gpaw and gmaw.

Michael claimed that he and his daughter were victims of Wilkins in the previous.

“We had an incident in which you know that we tried to deal with and forgive another domestic violence situation. I dropped the charges. [Wilkins] Clarissa and I were actually shot at by a gun,” Michael stated.

He said, “That was December of this year.”

Both the grandfather and father of the deceased claimed they had also seen the warning signs earlier.

“We knew that he was manipulative, controlling, and psychologically abusive. [and we] Although Clarissa tried to warn her about the red flags, she simply wanted to love him.

‘She She believed she could save him. She She really believed she could save him. She I didn’t want him to give up on me.

According to the State Law Enforcement Division’s background check, Wilkins has been previously arrested for drug possession, domestic violence, attempted murder, possession with a weapon during violent crimes, threatening the lives of officials, and throwing bodily fluids.

According to court records, Wilkins was granted bond with firearm restriction in January. Wilkins was denied bond after he appeared in court.

Investigators indicated earlier this month they are looking into Wilkins in relation the disappearance Jorden Niebling, a 19 year-old female last seen October 10, 2020.

Blake Wolfe, a sheriff’s officer investigator, said that Nebling was last picked up by an ex boyfriend.

Mary Tucker, Nebling’s stepmother identified Wilkins as her ex-boyfriend in comments to Fox News.

She said, “In my heart, he did something for her.”

‘He A history of abusive behavior. … And police have searched his property. I believe they found a concrete pad in his driveway that he had put down shortly before she vanished.

“I understand that the police spent a lot of time talking to him. Unfortunately, this is a remote area.

Nebling’s disappearance was not the subject of Wilkins’s criminal prosecution.

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