South African Fashion Week kicks off


Looks from Mantsho, one of the brands featured as part of South African Fashion Week. SAFW

South African Fashion Week (SAFW) kicks off its three-day show program today, featuring 28 designers, including LVMH award finalist Lukhanyo Mdingi and finalists from SAFW’s 2021 new talent search competition, showcasing their collections digitally.

According to Lucilla Booyzen, director of SAFW, the cross-season collections on the program were included in the Mall of Africa in South Africa in early April and viewers can buy tickets on the SAFW website to view the collections via streaming platform Quicket. .

While the digital format remains a necessity due to ongoing government restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19 in South Africa, Booyzen also said that broadcasting the shows digitally has the advantage of expanding the platform’s reach outside of South Africa .

The main focus for SAFW this year is slow fashion, Booyzen told BoF. In practice, this focus takes different forms for different designers, with upcycling and working with natural fabrics such as cotton, mohair and wool being common slow fashion tools among those featured at SAFW.

“South African Fashion Week’s goal of facilitating a slow fashion culture steeped in environmental sustainability by 2025 is supported by the majority of designers aligned with the platform,” said Booyzen.

This edition of SAFW also pays tribute to Wandi Nzimande, the co-founder of the popular streetwear and lifestyle brand Loxion Kulca, who passed away earlier this year. The Loxion Kulca collection shown on the SAFW scheme was designed by House of Ole founder Ole Ledimo.