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Source: The Metal Gear Solid Classic Trilogy will be announced as a bundle.. | -WhatsNew2Day


According to a reliable source, Konami is currently working on a Metal Gear Solid bundle containing the classic first trilogy of the series. This source also claims that the announcement of this package will be next month.

Today, the gamer community is waiting and expecting to announce Metal Gear Solid 3 as a remake at the PlayStation Showcase 2023 event, which will start within hours. Although we have not yet received an official announcement, many sources have confirmed the existence of the copy. But it seems that this announcement will not be the only one for the series, but Konami is planning more.

Quote from the site Windows CentralIt is said that the Metal Gear Solid Classic bundle will include the first part, MGS 2: Sons of Liberty and the classic MGS 3: Snake Eater with the same well-known graphics and gameplay.

Most likely, this ad will come in support of the announcement of the remake version of the third part. Also, this is exactly what Konami intends to do when she said she wants to bring her well-known titles back to the fore again, starting this year.

It also seems that the fourth part will not be included in any collection, perhaps due to its development on the PS3, which is notorious for its difficult architecture and is different from other platforms due to the treatment of Cell.

Furthermore, Dusk Golem, a trusted leaker, claimed in August 2022 that the rumored set is 100% true. And that it will only include the trilogy and will come to computers and home platforms for the current and past generations.

We will wait for the official announcement, which we expect to take place during the Xbox event next month, as this package has been a requirement for players for a while. What are your expectations?

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