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Source: Sony on track to acquire The Witcher developer CD Projekt Red


Although Microsoft has carried out many of these operations over the past years, we have not seen Sony acquiring powerful studios except Bungie, and the focus has been entirely on service game developers, and despite this, rumors have not subsided about Sony’s acquisition of CD Project Red.

The well-known leaker Liz referred to some new developments that will take place within Sony through the Discord platform, one of which was the future acquisitions represented in the company’s attempt to acquire the long-standing Polish development studio CD Projekt Red, which features huge titles in the industry such as Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher and there will be many more in the future, and although the leaker did not reveal any details related to this process, it will appear in its place and remain just a confirmation of previous rumors.

Source Sony on track to acquire The Witcher developer CD.webp

The rumor of Sony’s acquisition of the Polish developer CD Projekt Red is not new to us at all, as the first time such news appeared during the fall of last year, and we expected it to be revealed in the same time frame in anticipation of us as a response to the Microsoft and Activision deal that has not yet ended. Perhaps this is the point, the point that Sony is waiting for the completion of the acquisition of Activision completely to reveal this bomb sooner or later.

Leaked Liz also revealed that the Days Gone 2 project had been given the green light after Sony canceled the project several years ago. We are expected to see things that meet the needs of platform owners in the coming years, but when is the reveal? .. we are waiting.

In a related context, Sony is facing some criticism due to its recent performance during the PlayStation event, which many followers and fans considered disappointing and the huge titles that the public was waiting for, which the studios had been working on for many years, were not reviewed.

Do you think there will be a possibility for such a deal to happen, and if it does, will it be the appropriate response to Microsoft’s acquisition of the publisher, Activision?

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