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Source: Review of Silent Hill 2 and the other parts of the series, ready and waiting for the signal | -WhatsNew2Day


After the disappointment that Silent Hill 2 Remake did not appear in the recent PlayStation event, an informed source brings us some details that may lift our spirits a bit.

It looks like we’re on the verge of an exciting Summer Game Fest this year. Where a reliable source talked about the readiness of several announced Silent Hill games, and one of them will appear at the aforementioned event.

According to the trusted leaker Dusk golem On Twitter, most of the announced and upcoming Silent Hill games are ready to be shown such as Remake Part 2, Townfall Part, and more. One of these titles will also appear at the upcoming Summer Game Fest 2023 event next month.

The new Silent Hill leaks

  • Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill: Townfall, and Silent Hill: Ascension trailers are ready and waiting to be shown.
  • One of these three titles is ready to debut during the Summer Game Fest event.
  • Silent Hill 2 has a great art direction.
  • Silent Hill: Townfall is included in the Sony doc under Cool Upcoming Games.

The same leak talked about the unannounced part of the game, which is The Short Message, which was evaluated by the Taiwanese age rating organization and then withdrawn, as we talked about here. Which may hint at its cancellation or postponement.

Among the information mentioned by the leaker, too, is that the Silent 2 game remake had a wonderful art direction, and Silent Hill Townfall was also ranked in the PlayStation documents among the “coolest games to come.”

Townfall will be developed by Scottish team NoCode, which was responsible for the development of the space puzzle game Observation. It will be published by Annapurna Interactive, publisher of Stray Cat.

There is not much information related to this title, except that the developer promised to provide a new title for this series, and he will respect the history of the series and will make every effort to reach something new with it.

While the remake of the second part is being worked on by the Bloober Team studio, which has provided us with many horror games such as The Medium and others.

We expected that we would at least take a new look at Silent Hill 2 during the recent PlayStation event, as it is one of the upcoming exclusive titles for the PlayStation 5, but unfortunately this did not happen for reasons we still do not know about, and you can see our analysis of Sony’s position in this interesting report..

What are your expectations for these titles when reviewed by our followers?

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