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Source: Disclosure of EA Sports FC, the alternative to FIFA, in mid-July | -WhatsNew2Day


Changing the name of the famous EA football series to EA Sports FC puts a great burden on the developer to prove the worth of the game with the disappearance of the usual FIFA game name. But new sources suggest we’ll get a clearer look at the game sometime this summer.

Sources revealed to the site Insider-Gaming Specifically, insider sources, “Tom Henderson,” said that the full disclosure of EA Sports FC 24 will take place in the middle of next July, which is the usual date for announcing the game almost every year, as the game will be revealed on July 12 or 13. It was said that the reveal would include all the details players would want to know about the game, with the official trailer concluding with the reveal of the game’s official cover and the opening of the pre-order.

We haven’t gotten any official signs of an announcement coming in July, but the publisher has revealed its plans to release a game EA Sports FC Between August to October 2023, the game usually launches in September every year and it looks like we won’t be far from that time frame. During the reveal of EA’s earnings report, the publisher reported that in just six months, FIFA 23 had surpassed FIFA 22’s total sales to become the most successful launch in the series.

EA Sports FC alternative soccer game to FIFA

Game EA Sports FC It will present many global competitions among the biggest football leagues and competitions in the world. Including the English Premier League, the European Champions League and the Spanish League. More details will be revealed during the month of June.

According to EA, the new logo for the game marks the developer’s history in the soccer game industry. Where it came in the following description:

Our new brand identity is inspired by the triangles that have been a part of EA Sports Football for the past 30 years, from the isometric polygons that make up our game to the chemistry triangles found in Ultimate Team to the player ticker across every match.

The Triangle has revolutionized football time and time again since the birth of total football in the 1970s, and now it can serve as a badge of pride for upcoming football developments. Total football is the football philosophy made famous by Dutch club Ajax in the 1970s.

It is noteworthy that EA has waived the name of the upcoming Football Association due to disagreements over annual license prices. But EA still has the capabilities and mechanisms that the FIFA series was famous for, while the change will only be in the name, along with some of the characteristics that EA will need in order to feature its new game.

EA has had a strong performance with the long-running FIFA series and it remains to be seen how the new title will perform after the name change. Tell us your opinion in the comments section below.

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