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Source: A large number of PlayStation studios are “ready” to review their titles.. | -WhatsNew2Day


Next June will be crowded with officially announced events such as Summer Game Fest, Xbox Games Showcase and Ubisoft Forward, but reports also indicate that Sony is also preparing to hold its own major PlayStation event soon.

These reports were followed by other sources confirming that Sony is preparing to hold its own event before all these upcoming events. It may take place during the month of May at the earliest. And now we have a new source talking about the full PlayStation studios to review a large number of new titles.

This is what the media activist shinobi602 said, who posted a post on the platform ResetEra Where he said that he does not have any information about the existence of a new PlayStation event and at what date it can be held, but he knows that a number of PlayStation studios are now ready to review their new projects in preparation for the release.

A lot of studios are at a point where things are definitely ready to show off.

Meanwhile, there is no official announcement of any of the upcoming PlayStation titles except for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which is supposed to be released sometime this year 2023. In addition to the online game that takes place in the world of The Last of us, which has not yet been released. Disclosure of any details about it to this day.

Last March, he spoke Tom Henderson And a number of prominent media outlets announced Sony’s intention to hold two events, the first will be small, the size of the State of Play, and the other will be a huge ShowCase that will launch a new phase of the future of the PlayStation 5.

Sony has already recently held two State of play events to showcase some third-party titles and the PSVR2. However, it did not reveal any other major events until the moment of writing this report.

Also, Sony spoke earlier about the presence of 10 live service titles under development as the first installment of Sony’s plan to expand in the field of live service games. It is assumed that Sony will start revealing these titles soon, as they have been under development for several years.

All data indicates that Sony is already preparing to hold a major PlayStation event during the coming period, perhaps before the end of this month, and it may be early next month. But in the end, Sony remains the one with the decisive word, which we will wait for you to talk about, perhaps in the next few days.

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