Sound the alarm! This top-rated motion detector is over 60 percent off at Amazon

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Contrary to this photo, your purchase of this great home security system will not show you much greenery. (Photo: Amazon)

Summer is here, which means long afternoons in the backyard, weekend getaways, even multi-week vacations. And Which means it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on your home, whether you want to hear the delivery person arrive when you’re home or protect your property from intruders while you’re away.

The problem? Professional alarm systems can be expensive and complicated. The solution? The Guardline wireless driveway alarm. The weather-resistant, motion-sensing powerhouse has a 150-foot range – that’s a lot of coverage!

And it is for sale en masse. At the moment you can grab it for just $51 (with coupon on the page) at Amazon, starting at $150 $1. To say it’s popular is an understatement – over 4,000 reviewers have found peace of mind with their Guardline alarms.

This man has you covered.  (Photo: Amazon)

This man has you covered. (Photo: Amazon)

Sensitive to both heat and movement and designed to work day or night in a variety of environmental elements (we’re looking at you, snow, rain, sleet and fog), the Guardline is perfect for everyday homeowners with an excessive concern for safety. It’s super easy to install and can be plugged in via an AC adapter or powered with AA batteries (they last up to a year). This set includes one sensor and one receiver, but you can expand and customize your coverage with 16 more sensors and an unlimited number of receivers. Set alarms throughout your home and have receivers in your bedroom, office or patio. Choose from 32 alarm melodies!

A compact, eminently affordable, premium security sensor?  Which compact, eminently affordable, premium security sensor?  True?  (Photo: Amazon)

A compact, eminently affordable, premium security sensor? What compact, eminently affordable, premium security sensor? True? (Photo: Amazon)

Passers-by won’t even know it’s there. “I spent hours going through reviews for these types of products, and I ended up picking this particular brand/model,” says a smart customer. “Love the receiver – it looks nice, sounds good, has adjustable volume, etc. The transmitter isn’t the prettiest, but I think it helps to make it less noticeable. So I screwed mine on a shelf and screwed it to a tree and then covered the case with camouflage tape so it really isn’t that visible.” He adds an extremely important detail: “False alarm? None.”

“Worked perfectly right out of the box,” another happy shopper testified. “It has a few dozen different tones, from police siren to lullaby to just chirping. Loud enough at full volume that I have it in the basement and I can hear it well enough upstairs.”

So go on those summer vacations – your house will be just fine.

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