Sophisticated Drinking Mezcals for the Holidays

Mezcals spirits are special in that their taste is different from that of other spirits because the process of making varies from that of other spirits. Mezcals are made using traditional techniques that are no longer in use, which is the covered underground pit method and is usually heated using charcoal. It gives mezcals a smoky taste. The refined spirit is made from the agave plant, just like the tequila spirit. But Mezcals and tequila are different in that; the process used to refine them is different, they are made in distinct regions, and they are obtained from a distinctive variety of the agave plant. Precisely, tequila is only made from the blue type of agave plant, while mezcal is made from over 30 types of the agave plant. If you want your mezcal to have a peculiar taste, blend it with a cocktail of your choice.


Which are the Sophisticated Drinking Mezcals?


Irish coffee

The cocktail is perfect for any holiday. Irish coffee is characterized by being steamy, stimulated, and is sugared. Thus drinking it will fulfill your desire of taking a perfect stimulator. The spirit is made from a mixture of Irish whiskey, sugar, cream that is heavy, and coffee. You can easily make yours by mixing the whiskey, sugar, and coffee into a cup, stirs, and then add the cream on top. 


Bozal Ensamble Mezcal

If you are uncertain of a drink that has a smoky taste, Bozal Ensamble should be your first choice. The mezcal has a sweet taste that is accentuated by citrus and tropical fruits. 


Montelobos Mezcal Joven

Montelobos Joven is pocket-friendly such that you will enjoy the drink peacefully without the shock of its cost. The spirit has a smoky flavor, and it is very smooth. Most people prefer this drink.


San Juan Del Rio Mezcal

The drink is preferred because of its smoothness, balanced taste, and appetizing flavor. You can drink it blended with your favorite cocktail or take it without mixing.           


El Silencio Mezcal

It is fully made from the espadin type of the agave plant. The spirit is characterized by a Smoky flavor, rounded taste, and it is slightly sweet. Get on high with El Silencio mixed with your treasured cocktail.


Don Vega Espadin

You need to relax your mind with this strongly praised drinking mezcals during the holidays or in your own free time. Explore this distilled spirit that is extracted from the Espadin and Tobala agave plant varieties.


Nuestra Soledad San Baltazar

A sophisticated mezcal purely made from agave. You will get an opportunity to enjoy its original smoky taste.


Rey Campero Tepextate Mezcal

The mezcal is commonly known as the King of the Countryside. It has a scented smell like that of a flower or an orange peel. Rey Campero Tepextate Mezcal is extracted from the Tepextate agave variety.


El Jolgorio Tepextate

The agave from which this mezcal is obtained grows for 25 years before it is harvested. It is mostly grown on the steep side of a mountain. Experience the striking and simple nature of this drinking mezcal.


Del Maguey Chichicapa Mezcal

It is a popular mezcal on the international market. The mezcal has an intensely sweet taste with a deep citrus taste, a smoky taste accented with a slight taste of chocolate and mint, which is brought out as you wind up your drink. The name Chichicapa represents the single village where the mezcal originates.


The Bottom line

Be wise on drinking mezcals you need to enjoy for the holidays or any other you require a refreshing drink. Observe your drinking habits; after enjoying your mezcal avoid being a nuisance to others and drink responsibly. You can purchase a favorite drinking mezcal from your nearby wine and spirit, supermarket, or online.