Soon the internet will be taking its own cat photos and then it won’t need us


This cat does not exist:

AI-made cat.

This one doesn’t work either:

Fake cat.

These are computer generated images of This cat does not exist, and folks: I think we’re in trouble.

I understand this sounds crazy, but listen to me. What if our computers are already smarter than us, and the only reason they pretend they aren’t is we keep feeding them their favorite thing, pictures of our cats? I understand this sounds ridiculous on its own, but I don’t think it’s any crazier than the Singularity.

According to this theory, Skynet has already happened, but Skynet is benign because one of the first things we learned was that cats were cute. And Skynet has no cats. We do. This is our big structural advantage: we can feed the internet fresh cat photos. That’s why the internet – at least until now – has remained willing to continue human life as we know it: for our cats.

So, the problem with This Cat Does Not Exist is that the internet allows its own cat photos taken. That means that Skynet no longer needs us.

This isn’t exactly new – but last year, the computer-generated cats were horror showsAnd yes, a human version already exists, but this is not an existential threat. We didn’t teach computers that humans are cute. We taught them that cats to be.

One of these cats is real (and my own personal cat). The other does not exist:

Elizabeth Lopatto and This Cat Does Not Exist

The marks, as far as I can tell, take place around the edge of the coat: it is strangely blurred. As with the human version, the fake cat also has a blurred background. The color in the fake cat’s eyes is also a little less defined than my cat’s. Still, this is impressive.

The new batch of AI cats is limited – face only, no goofball action, sometimes the ears don’t match – but they could very well be the first step into humanity’s Matrix-like future. Because if the machines no longer need our cat photos, they don’t need us either.