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Sony’s colorful DualSense controllers match my color palette

I’m usually not the kind of person who is easily convinced by new colorways of controllers I already own. But Sony’s new DualSense colors are a little different — or not really. I just found a reason to care about them. The three vibrant, wintery controllers are: mine colors.

As a Christmas present I got my “coloring done” along with my wife. I did not ask for this gift, but it has already brought some benefits. I strive to wear winter colors that bring out my eyes, hide my imperfections and generally get me ready to take on the world (watch out, world!). And now I’m surrounded by these three DualSense controllers that make me feel like I’m getting the most out of my expensive color analysis and also make gaming on the PS5 a bit more lively.

These three new colors (starlight blue, nova pink, and galactic purple, as Sony calls them) may seem too intense for some tastes. Your hunch may be spot on, but they’re a very welcome dose of excitement that the PS5 has been needing since launch. With bold blue, yellow, red and other color schemes (even a gorgeous translucent model, to cry out loud) Microsoft led closer to the launch of the Xbox Series X and S, Sony dragged its feet along, much to the dismay of color aficionados everywhere, up to now.

Sony DualSense controller

While each of the three colors falls neatly within my color palette, I fell for two of them: the pink and the purple. The purple used on the DualSense is a luscious, deep shade that I love to look at, and sometimes I just pick it up to get closer to the color. It has become my nighttime controller when I try to take it easy and have a relaxing session. But if I’m in need of a burst of energy with a short game break, or if it’s a bright weekend morning full of possibilities (and lots of time to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade), the nova pink controller emits the color that matches that mood.

Sony DualSense controller

Each of these controllers is available now through Sony’s PlayStation Direct site for $74.99 and will be released through other retailers in the coming days (or weeks, depending on the color you want). As for the console covers, Sony plans to release them in all three of these new stunning colors so you can mix or match them with your controller. But until that release, Sony’s PlayStation Direct store will be offering console covers in midnight black or cosmic red from January 21 (more retailers to follow on February 18).

I think I’ll have some time then to think about whether I’ll pair a purple console cover with a pink controller or go for a black console cover like I originally planned to do. Having options can be crippling, but for the PS5, more customization options are overdue. And if these particular colors appeal to you, you’ll probably enjoy owning one.

Photography by Cameron Faulkner / The Verge

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