Sony subsidiary makes a PS5 SSD that’s even further out of your reach

Sony subsidiary Nextorage has released an SSD that is perfect for the PS5 (through Tom’s hardware): it has a heat sink (which Sony says is a requirement), is fast enough to far exceed Sony’s recommendations, and comes in 1TB and 2TB variants, giving you plenty of storage for your games. The catch? It’s rather expensive, isn’t available in the US, and doesn’t appear to have an official “PlayStation-approved” stamp, despite the maker’s ties to Sony.

Nextorage describes himself As a “Sony group company specializing in memory storage solutions”, the NEM-PA SSD meets all requirements for PlayStation 5 compatibility. When the news about the drive first broke, it seemed like the solution to the confusion that can currently arise when expanding your PS5’s storage. The drive from Nextorage does indeed seem to fit perfectly. Gigazine actually a tested one and says that not only is it as fast as the console’s internal SSD (at least when it comes to game loading times), but the NEM-PA fits into the PS5’s slot like… well, as if he was made for it.

It looks nice, but why does it say “Tested by Nextorage?”
Image: Nextorage

But nothing in life is perfect or straightforward, so we have to make some caveats. One is that the SSD doesn’t appear to be for sale outside of Japan: we couldn’t find anything from Nextorage on Amazon US, Newegg, or B&H. Second, it also doesn’t seem like much based on: the list price in Japan – the 1TB model is listed for 36,444 yen, which is about $330 USD. In comparison, one of our top PS5 SSD picks is the WD Black SN850, whose 1TB version is listed in the same Japanese store for yen 29,540, or about $270 USD.

It also doesn’t seem like the PlayStation team was necessarily much involved with this SSD, despite Nextorage being a subsidiary of Sony. (Even that has a caveat, as Sony’s role appears to be closer to that of co-owner – Digitimes reports that Phison Electronics now owns a 49 percent stake in the company, a fact supported by Nextorage’s about page.) Nextorage posted a YouTube video that mentions the SSD being used in the PS5, but the description says:

Performance with PlayStation®5 has been tested by Nextorage.

This is not a product developed under the licensing program of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Compatibility and performance are not guaranteed for all game titles.

This is one of two product images in the Yodobashi store. If you look closely you will see a PS5 reference.
Image: Yodobashi/Nextorage

That’s not to say that Nextorage won’t pair this SSD with the PS5, because it’s doing its best – the product page has a section on how to install the drive in a console, along with a section on how it can be used to hold PlayStation games. But for those of us hoping Sony will simplify the PS5’s storage situation, it isn’t — at least not until Sony gives it a PlayStation stamp of approval and plans for a worldwide release.

Since there doesn’t seem to be any reason to buy this drive over others (unless it’s the only one in stock and you’re desperate), you might want to check out our PS5 SSD buyer’s guide.