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Sony relies on Bungie “strictly” to ensure the success of its live service games -WhatsNew2Day


It seems that Sony places a large share of its hopes and money on live service games, which it has begun to talk about extensively and continuously. Recently, we learned that Sony relies strictly and strictly on the Bungie studio in order to ensure the quality of performance and strength of the live service games that it is preparing to release.

Sony through session Business Done on Tuesday said that it has so far 12 live service titles that it is preparing to issue during the fiscal year that ends on March 31, 2026.

The company said that by the end of this specified time period, it expects live service games to account for approximately 60% of its annual game development budget. Of course, this will be a noticeable shift in Sony’s policy, which is famous for its individual games such as God of War, The Last of Us, and others.

In this context, Sony announced that it is fully relying on the Bungie studio, which it acquired last summer for $ 3.6 billion, in order to ensure that these titles have the best chance of success, by taking advantage of the studio’s experience in this field.

These statements come at a time when many reports are talking about the cancellation of one of the live game projects that the Deviation Games studio, called PlayStation, is working on. So far, no official statements have been issued by Sony or the studio on this matter, but some sources have spoken that the development budget for this unannounced title has exceeded the limit set for it.

Of course, tonight will be with the start of the live broadcast of the PlayStation event, which we will launch at 11:00 pm, full of long-awaited details and announcements, and we may find answers to many questions about the new PlayStation projects.

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