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Sony Project Q handheld runs Android in leaked video


At least one of our questions about the Sony Project Q portable game streaming device has apparently been answered by a new leaked video posted by Zuby_Tech on Twitter (via Reddit / Imgur). In it, a basic version of the Android operating system running on a plastic-wrapped device displays a simple menu system and a QR code. It’s highly doubtful that this is what the final version of the handheld menu will look like, but at least it gives us an idea of ​​what’s going on under the hood.

The person making the video quickly touches the menu, then begins to rotate the handheld to show the top, back, and bottom. The low resolution makes it hard to say much. You can make out what looks like a set of four buttons behind the tablet portion of the device at the top, holes centered on the top and bottom edge of the tablet (microphones, perhaps?), and what appear to be speaker slots along the top edge.

in a separate Zuby_Tech tweetthere is also a picture of the tablet without the screen, showing the frame behind and some of its innards:

The Sony Project Q with the screen off.
Image: Zuby Technology

If you want a better look at Project Q, check out our coverage of its May announcement, when Sony said it’ll be an 8-inch tablet framed by DualSense controllers that won’t stand on their own like the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck. Instead, it will exist as an accessory for the PS5 that will stream games from your console, making it more comparable to the Nintendo Wii U.

Sony gave very few details about Project Q in its PlayStation Showcase announcement. We know that it uses a 1080p LCD screen that runs at 60fps and uses Wi-Fi to connect to a PS5. However, running Android means it should (and hopefully will?) be capable of a lot more.

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