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Sony Presents A Potential Means Of Making Money While Playing Games

Do you like to play video games? And how about making money while having a good time? If you can’t think of anything more amazing, you’ll be surprised to hear about PlayStation Stars, a loyalty program just announced by Sony

PlayStation Stars is a free loyalty scheme in which you play games and win special rewards. Simple and straightforward, so no wonder so many see it as a great opportunity to make a few extra bucks while playing games. So, let’s see what this new way of money-making is all about. 

About PlayStation Stars Program

Truth be told, things are a bit more complicated than just playing games and winning cash. Sony prepared numerous activities and campaigns for PlayStation Star members. Every campaign has a number of points assigned to it that can be won only after the quest has been completed. And what does one do with those points, you might ask? 

Points are the fundament of any loyalty scheme and can be exchanged for prizes of all sorts. Still, they won’t be only available through gaming activity but also for purchasing selected PlayStation Store products. Some of the rewards include PSN wallet funds as well as digital rewards, discounts, etc. Knowing that gamers of the 21st century don’t mind going the extra mile in order to stand out in the crowd, Sony also announced the release of digital collectables

Digital collectables are rare digital items such as figurines, emblems, shields and others that made iconic characters what they are today. They might sound frivolous, but the gaming community is no stranger to paying mind-blowing amounts for rare digital items. For many players, selling PlayStation Stars Digital Collectibles could be another way of making money. 

Is There an Alternative? 

Online casino games like Reel King Mega proved that PlayStation is not the only platform that can help its users gain a few extra bucks. Online casino sites are popping up left and right, offering attractive video slots equipped with features that deliver promising payouts straight to your fingertips. Players who are lucky enough to trigger big multipliers or even progressive jackpots will say playing slot machines is the best way to make money online

Gambling is by no means a reliable source of income, but it is just as fun as playing video games on a console or RPG platform. It is no secret that video games these days require substantial amounts to stay engaging. The progress without in-game purchases is slow and painfully boring, so many gamers opt for payments, making standard games as expensive as gambling. Besides, payouts in online casinos are real money amounts and not items you’ll have to sell on the dark web or wherever.

The online gaming industry, and by that, we mean casino games, esports and traditional forms of gaming, is evolving each day, and even though Sony’s innovation might sound like just another loyalty scheme, there is no denying it gained a lot of momentum from the very start.

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