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Sony organizes PlayStation 5 event for June 4 and promises research into ‘future of gaming’

Sony will host the PlayStation 5 event for June 4 and promises a glimpse into the ‘future of gaming’ on the next-gen console

  • Sony offers insight into games that users can expect on the PS5
  • An event will be held digitally on Thursday next week
  • The company is not expected to reveal any further details on the console
  • Sony has not revealed what the PS5 will look like despite the upcoming release

Sony is accelerating the pace of revealing details about the next-generation PlayStation 5.

The company has officially announced that it will host an event with major game titles next week, with a “ first look at the games you’re going to play after PlayStation 5 launches this holiday. ”

The event will take place digitally on Thursday, June 4 at 4 p.m. ET in the U.S. and will last just over an hour, according to Sony.

The games coming to PS5 represent the best in the industry of innovative studios around the world. Studios, both larger and smaller, newer and more established, have all worked hard to develop games that demonstrate the potential of the hardware, “said Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

“This digital showcase will take a little over an hour and for the first time we will all experience the tension together virtually.”

While Sony plans to release games to be released on the PlayStation 5, no further details about the console are expected to be revealed.

Despite being scheduled for release in ‘holiday 2020’, Sony has not yet revealed exactly what the PlayStation 5 will look like.

So far, Sony has revealed details about the upcoming controller and a logo, but it’s stingy when it comes to the actual look and feel of the system.

The company is expected to release more details in the coming months.

“This is part of our series of PS5 updates and rest assured, after next week’s showcase we will have a lot to share with you,” Ryan said in a statement.

The company has already provided insight into the specifications of the PlayStation 5, which, like the upcoming Xbox Series X, will have a solid-state hard drive that will drastically reduce loading times.

The console also has 16 GB of RAM, which will help the promised super-fast loading times while playing.

Sony has revealed little about what the next-generation console really looks like next to its new 'DusaSense' controller (shown)

Sony has revealed little about what the next-generation console really looks like next to its new ‘DusaSense’ controller (shown)

In a recent demo, Sony showed how new hardware games like Spiderman can load in one second compared to the eight seconds previously required for the PlayStation 4.

In addition, system architect Mark Cerny showed that the console could load a gigabyte of data in one second, unlike the PlayStation 4, which took 20 seconds.

The system also comes with expandable USB storage, unlike the Series X, which can be stacked on 1 terabyte expansion cards.