Sony now lets you save – but not play – PS5 games on external hard drives


Sony has its April update for the PlayStation 5, adding several key features to the next-generation console, including the long-awaited ability to save – but most importantly not play – PS5 games to an external hard drive.

The PS5 offers only 825 GB of storage (with only 667 GB of usable space when formatted with the operating system and other essential files), which means that even a few huge next-gen games can quickly gobble up your entire SSD. Sony has tried to fix the problem by allowing players to keep backward compatible PS4 titles on external drives, but so far it didn’t offer the same option for PS5 games.

Unfortunately, unlike PS4 titles, Sony doesn’t allow players to actually do this Play those PS5 games from an external drive. “Because PS5 games are designed to take advantage of the console’s super-fast SSD,” the company explains, you still need to copy them back to the console’s main SSD before you can play them. Still, Sony says copying local data should be faster than reinstalling from the Internet or copying games from a disc.

All of this is still a stopgap measure until Sony manages to enable the PS5’s M.2 expansion slot, eventually allowing players to add usable extra storage that can both store and play next-generation games. There is no news of that update in Sony’s announcement, but an earlier report from it Bloomberg says it will arrive this summer.

Along with the new storage option, the April update also adds several other important features to the PlayStation 5. There are better options for quickly disabling in-game chat at the system level – something that should help avoid the kinds of issues that persist. remains. Destruction: AllStars at launch. Users can also individually adjust too loud or quiet players.

Sony is also adding the option for players to search their library of purchased games, as well as the option to hide games from their library, which should help the organization. There is also a new developer feature that allows games to pre-download updates when the console is in rest mode for faster updates.