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Sony is said to be working on a Playstation handheld that you may not be able to use on the go


The Q Lite could look something like this.

Sony is currently working on its own gaming handheld. The reports the US site Insider Gaming.

According to the report, the console is codenamed Q Lite – and unlike many current competitors, it should not focus on cloud gaming.

Bound to home console

Nevertheless, according to Insider Gaming, the Q Lite is not a fully-fledged gaming console for on the go. Instead, the handheld falls more into the Playstation 5 accessories category.

Because Q Lite is supposed to rely on Remote Play and thus connect to the Playstation 5. A fully-fledged successor to the PSP and Playstation Vita is not currently expected.

In addition, the console should be permanently connected to the Internet.

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To what extent the handheld console also works without Playstation 5 is not yet clear from the article.

In return, there is already detailed information on the expected hardware of the Q Lite. It should appear with an eight-inch full HD display with touch function and a refresh rate of up to 60 Hertz.

In addition, one expects adaptive triggers that take over the haptic feedback of the Playstation 5, as well as other standard features such as volume controls, loudspeakers and a jack input.

Insider Gaming has not yet given a release date in the report. Nevertheless, you can already limit the time window in which the handheld should appear.

A release is expected before the Playstation 5 Pro for Christmas 2024, but only after Sony has released a removable drive for the console.

What do you all mean? Is Sony on the right track to developing the handheld as an extension of the Playstation 5? Or would you rather want a standalone console similar to the PS Vita? Write us your opinion on the new project of the Japanese manufacturer in the comments!

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