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Sony is looking forward to supporting cloud broadcasting of PS5 titles in the PlayStation Plus service


Sony announced today that it has begun testing cloud streaming of ‘supported PS5 games’, a feature that will be available to subscribers of the highest tier of its PlayStation Plus service known as Premium.

In a new post on the PlayStation Blog, Nixk Maguire, Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Services at SIE, says PlayStation’s ultimate goal is to make this an “extra benefit” for those who subscribe to the PlayStation Plus premium tier.

We are currently testing cloud streaming of supported PS5 games, this includes PS5 titles from the PlayStation Plus game catalog and Game Trials, as well as supported digital PS5 titles that players own, and when this feature launches, cloud game streaming of supported PS5 titles will be available for use directly on the platform. Your PS5. As a Premium member, it will be easier to migrate to your favorite games without downloading them to PS5 first.”

The announcement comes at an interesting time, as PlayStation had previously dabbled in cloud gaming with PlayStation Now (before merging it with PS Plus), but the company recently announced a new portable device known simply as Project Q, which is capable of running games installed on a device. your PS5 that streams over your Wi-Fi connection.

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