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Sony is in talks with Qulacomm, should we expect a PlayStation Portable?! | -WhatsNew2Day


It seems that Sony is planning to return to the market of portable gaming devices. There is no official announcement, but there is communication with Qulacomm, which is the first company responsible for manufacturing processors for phones and other mobile devices.

The source of this information is Alex Katozian Qulacomm spokesperson (via TCMFGamesWhere he stated that both Sony and Nintendo had entered into separate talks with the company in order to work on chips for mobile devices.

While we can expect that Nintendo has begun work on its next device, which will be the successor to the Nintendo Switch, what remains puzzling is the relationship that Sony can have with Qulacomm!.

This makes us think in several directions, the first of which is that Sony may be planning to return to the portable devices market, especially after the great success achieved by Nintendo in this field. Sony has a library of games and a large arsenal of studios that will be able to make any device that Sony can release within the PlayStation family a success.

The other thing is, that this communication with the mobile processor giant is for the sake of the processing unit that will probably be in the Project Q device that Sony recently revealed, which will be just a game player via live broadcast over a Wi Fi network by linking to the PlayStation 5. In If these expectations are correct, then Project Q may be a larger project than a live broadcast game player with built-in processing chips.

None of these possibilities can be confirmed with certainty, but the idea of ​​Sony returning to the portable gaming console market would be very welcome among the gamer community.

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