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Sony has many first-party exclusives ready, but avoided revealing them.. | -WhatsNew2Day


The PlayStation Showcase event has ended, and despite the announcements that lasted for more than an hour in front of our anticipating eyes, we have not seen any of the major PlayStation studio titles that are under development without being disclosed so far appear at the event.

It is true that we took an in-depth and exciting look at the style of the upcoming Spider-Man 2 game from Insomniac Studio, and the upcoming game Marathon from Bungie Studio, but the presentation was overshadowed by the emergence of third-party titles, which turned out that most of them in the end will not be exclusive to PlayStation platforms.

The question that may baffle many so far is, where are the large PlayStation studios that work on many titles for the PlayStation 5? Why did Sony avoid showing it at this big event that has been expected for several years, is it manipulating us or is there some secret it is hiding from us?

Media Tom Henderson confirm through Published Through his blog, Sony has many first-party titles that are almost ready for release, but despite that, the company avoided disclosing or reviewing some of them at the recent PlayStation Showcase without revealing the reasons.

Also the leak with great credibility The Snitch He also said that Sony was preparing to announce several big AAA titles from PlayStation studios during the event, as well as revealing a big AAA title from PlayStation exclusives coming to PC this year. Despite this, Sony has backed down from that without any reasons.

Sony has large studios, each of which works on at least two titles, most notably the Naughty Dog studio, which has been working on an online game in the world of The Last of Us for several years, and it is certainly ready for display, especially with the hints shared by the developers over the past months that they are eager to share with us what they are working on it but this did not happen.

Also, the same studio is working on a new, unannounced game project that may happen Neil Druckmann About this project, which has been under development for more than two years, and according to the assumptions of some informed sources, it is ready for review at least, and this also did not happen.

Also, Bend Studio, Guerrilla Games Studio, and Sucker Punch Studio are all working on several projects, some of which are ready to be revealed, at least, but this also did not happen!

What Sony plans to do is not yet clear, but the argument of the head of PlayStation Jim Ryan Who spoke for the first time after the sharp criticism from the community of the PlayStation Showcase event, was more diplomatic than justification, as he confirmed that Sony seeks to provide a diverse game library targeting a large swath of the public. You can find more details here..

The hidden justification that still affects Sony’s decision, it seems to us and to many media professionals, is the lack of a final decision by some market monitoring and monopoly bodies in Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision, as Sony is still trying to appear as the weaker party by hiding its exclusive addresses from the community until Microsoft does not use it as a weapon in order to strengthen its position in front of the global bodies to pass the deal.

The last possibility that we can put is that Sony may be planning another PlayStation Showcase event, or perhaps the PSX event that we used to come to us in December before Sony stopped it since 2019. And it may be the most appropriate time to review the arsenal of its first-party titles as we prepare to enter the year The new 2024!

What are your expectations?

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