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Sony chief says cloud gaming is still technically difficult


With Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard hampered by competition in the cloud gaming category, Sony’s chief warned that cloud gaming remains “very challenging” from a technical standpoint.

Speaking to Financial TimesSony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida denied any potential danger to PlayStation from cloud gaming.

“I think cloud computing itself is a great business model, but when it comes to gaming, the technical difficulties are high, so there will be challenges for cloud gaming, but we want to meet those challenges,” Yoshida said.

These technical difficulties will be as familiar to gamers as latency issues affecting responsiveness and creating frustrating online experiences.

But Yoshida said Sony may use the GT Sophy AI agent to boost cloud gaming performance.

Yoshida also mentioned the cost issues associated with running cloud game servers that are idle for a large part of the day before the turnout increases in the evening. Sony took advantage of these quiet hours during the day by pitting GT Sophy against human players in Gran Turismo.

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