Sony: “Battlefield cannot keep up with Call of Duty”

It’s been a bitter week between Microsoft and Sony. After the British government a document made public about the Microsoft Activision deal, a lot of surprising opinions from both publishers surfaced.

Sony wants to avoid Microsoft getting its hands on Activision’s Call of Duty series and fears that the shooter will then become an Xbox exclusive. Microsoft argued that Sony has strong enough exclusives and can simply develop its own multiplayer shooter, although it is not that easy for Sony.

Sony brought in the Battlefield series to prove its point. And frankly, the publisher completely threw the franchise to the bus. For example, Sony argues that “EA has long been trying to create a worthy rival to Call of Duty with Battlefield.” But it’s clear, according to Sony, that “EA’s shooter simply can’t keep up with Call of Duty.”

Sony even cites numbers and said that more than 400 million copies of Call of Duty were sold, while Battlefield only sold 88.7 million. According to Sony, Battlefield is not a competitor for Call of Duty.

Of course it must be said that Call of Duty is an annual release, while Battlefield titles are further apart. Although the fact that Activision can release a new Call of Duty every year is another argument from Sony why the series is irreplaceable on PlayStation.

Whether Microsoft will eventually be able to acquire Activision Blizzard for $ 70 billion remains to be seen. The European Commission, the British and American governments are now investigating whether the takeover will not lead to unfair competition within the sector.

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