Sony: “Battlefield cannot keep up with Call of Duty”

It has been a difficult week for Sony and Microsoft. After The British government Un document There were many surprising arguments made by both companies about the Microsoft-Activision agreement.

After Sony is determined to keep Microsoft away from Activision’s Call of Duty series. This is because the publisher fears that the shooter might become an Xbox exclusive. Microsoft claimed that Japan’s publisher could create its own shooter. However, it is difficult for Sony to do so.

It was striking: Sony brought in Battlefield to prove its point. The publisher, frankly, completely ignored the franchise. Sony says that EA is working hard to create a worthy rival to Call of Duty with Battlefield. However, the Japanese publisher still believes “that EA’s shooter can’t keep up to the Call of Duty series.” Sony even provided numbers, stating that Call of Duty sold more than 400,000,000 copies while Battlefield sold only 88.7M.

It is true that Call of Duty is an annually released title, but the Battlefield launch is a much more distant event. Sony can still release a new Call of Duty every other year, which is yet another reason why the series is so irreplaceable on PlayStation.

The publisher may have a point. However, it is clear that the frequency has an impact. Call of Duty is the most requested title, despite gamers complaining bitterly about wanting something new. Take a look at the overcrowded online lobby.

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