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Sony: 10 live service games under development that will be diversified to satisfy everyone | -WhatsNew2Day


Sony confirmed that a number of first and third party partner studios are working on 10 live service titles dedicated to the PlayStation and PC platforms. Through an interview with the head of PlayStation Studios, he confirmed that these titles will not be restricted only to the style of well-known live service games such as Destiny and Fortnite.

Hermann Holst said in an interview with GamesIndustry.biz These ten titles that are being developed by PlayStation Studios, although they are a kind of live service games, target different types of playing styles and will not be restricted to methods similar to the currently known live service games.

Some Sony Studios working on live service titles

  • Bungie Studio: New Title (AAA)
  • Naughty Dog: The Last of Us multiplayer
  • Haven Studio: New Title (AAA)
  • London Studio: Unknown Fantasy Game
  • Firewalk Studio: New Title (AAA)
  • Deviation Games: a new title

Holst said in his remarks:

We also make games for different audiences, and I take confidence in our proven track record of creating worlds and stories that PlayStation fans love..

These statements from the head of PlayStation Studios come after the announcement of Sony’s recent acquisition of Firewalk Studio, as the new team is working on an unannounced multiplayer game for the PlayStation 5 and PC.

As for why Sony chose this developer before the game was released, Holst said that they had been working closely with Firewalk Studio for quite some time, noting that they had a great experience and great confidence in what they are making. Therefore, the acquisition step and its inclusion in the PlayStation Studios seemed very natural.

These statements may be reassuring for PlayStation game lovers who are used to getting story games with deep events and plots. Live service games lock players into side stories and focus mainly on the gameplay and completing missions.

For example, The Last of Us team game that Naughty Dog Studio has been working on for several years, as it was confirmed that it had obtained a budget equivalent to that of AAA games, even though it is an online game and a live service.

This does not make us rule out the existence of AAA story games that continue to be developed by PlayStation Studios, but Sony is still silent about who is being worked on within PlayStation Studios and its third-party partners.

Do you think that PlayStation’s approach to live service games will achieve similar success to the success of its big story titles?

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