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Sons of the Forest: There’s more to the new update than meets the eye – WhatsNew2Day


Among other new content, the save function in Sons of the Forest has been improved with the fourth patch.

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How quickly time flies on a cannibal island – two weeks have passed again! Say, Sons of the Forest has received the next update. This may seem inconspicuous at first, but it does contain one or the other important change.

This is in the fourth update of Sons of the Forest:

Once again there is a new item to be found on the island – with the actioncam you can watch videos that reveal a little more about the backstory of Sons of the Forest. You can also find new laptops on the map to pique your interest.

The fourth patch saves on completely new content – but a lot is screwed on the existing content, including:

  • Savings can be freely named
  • Kelvin can now carry two logs at once
  • The night vision goggles now let you see even brighter
  • Improved the fight animation between Timmy and the Demon Boss
  • Cannibals have received some new animations – behaviors differ between males and females, for example
  • A huge list of bug fixes is also included in the update

Especially Kelvin’s carrying capacity and the nameable saves were big concerns in the community, where Endnight Games has now reacted. But not only that: the developers have also confirmed that the wooden sled from the predecessor will return in the next update! Many players have wanted it since the release.

You can find the entire patch notes of the update on the second page of the article.

Would you have liked more content for the patch, or do you think Endnight Games’ decision to improve the existing content first was the right one? And are you looking forward to the wooden sled or has the one with the zip lines become irrelevant to you in Sons of the Forest? Write it to us in the comments!

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