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Son of Santos: Angry New York congressmen are firing blanks at con man George Santos speculation


Thanks to the presence of George Santos (or Anthony Devolder or whatever other alias the scammer may be using), being a freshman member of Congress from New York this year has been tainted. So we stand in solidarity with the legit New York frosh and their frustration with the faker in their ranks. For those of you who don’t know, the real representative of Nassau and Queens is a fake college grad, a fake Wall Street banker, a fake Jew, a fake 9/11 family member, and a long list of other fakes, due to that he is a real liar. extraordinary

Democrat Dan Goldman filed an ethics complaint against Santos within days of being sworn in. He also co-sponsored the cleverly named SANTOS (Stop Another Office Seeker Who Is Not Truthful) Law and signed an expulsion order.

The half-dozen Republican newcomers Anthony D’Esposito, Nick LaLota, Mike Lawler, Marc Molinaro, Nick Langworthy and Brandon Williams—with Santos stinking up his party conference—have felt the revulsion and political collateral damage even more than Goldman. . And on Tuesday they offered a couple of new anti-Santos actions, the No Fame for Fraud Resolution and the No Fortune for Fraud Act.

The twin measures seek to deny an accused or convicted member of Congress to profit from the sale of his story. New York state tried years ago with the Son of Sam law to prevent a notorious serial killer from getting a day’s payoff from a book or movie rights. The problem was that in 1991 the United States Supreme Court unanimously decided that the law violated the First Amendment and threw it out. Albany tried again, in an effort to allow crime victims to make claims against the perpetrator’s earnings.

To be clear, we want Santos to resign yesterday, but he has not been charged with any violation, let alone convicted, and will always have the right to free speech. As for allowing victims of their crimes to sue, who do congressmen have in mind, their defrauded constituents?

We suggest that aggrieved congressmen try to ignore Santos.

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