Some practical home remedies to keep at bay common household pests

Most of us have faced the menace of pests sometime or the other. No home has escaped coming under the attack of some pest or the other. While there are extremely good and professional service providers like Pest Control Thomastown, here are a few home remedies for those who like to be well informed and try minimizing the nuisance of pests. So let’s look at a few of them.

Rats and how do you deal with them?

 Rats are the most dangerous and cheeky pests who are crafty, clever and stubborn. They gain entry inside homes and cause a lot of havoc. Of course Pest Control Doreen has a great track record in rat pest control treatment services and is just a call away, remembering these too can help in sealing off rat entry.

Identify rat openings and holes and sprinkle some crushed pepper around these areas. Alternatively you may also use pepper sprays. Other remedies would include spreading peppermint oil, cayenne pepper or cloves around the exterior of homes or residences that prevent these pesky rodents from entering the homes. Sprinkling white vinegar with a little water too acts as a repellent. Many people have also found success in controlling rat presence by using moth balls, owl’s feathers, chemicals like bleach and ammonia, pepper flakes, onions, garlic, and a mixture of cocoa powder with plaster of Paris. In some cases chilli powder, citronella and eucalyptus have been found to be very good rodent repellent.

Ants and how to prevent their entry?

Ants though small once inside homes are difficult to tackle as they usually come in large numbers and look for food particles and contaminate food. While Pest Control Thomastown has several cost effective treatment plans for this category of pest, using a few home remedies can lessen their arrival to a large extent.

Home remedies are best that use materials found around the house. Some of the common items found around the house like vinegar, lemon juice, chalk, salt, baby powder, bay leaves, cinnamon or peppermint oil works well in controlling ants. Simply place these around areas ants frequent and they will start avoiding these zones.  Placing peels of lemons and oranges is also a good tip. Of course a few swear by using boiling water. This is a very easy yet effective method of killing ants almost immediately. So just spot ants emerging from a crack in the wall or any other crevice and pour boiling water. Within seconds the entire colony will be killed. While applying vinegar you might use a spray. And cinnamon may be applied much like a chalk line in areas where ants are found.

Termites and how to control them

Termites are pests that cause immense damage to structural property and wooden furniture of home owners. They attack wood and eventually cause their degradation. Pest Control Doreen provides excellent termite plans and they have received high customer ratings from clients who have expressed complete satisfaction. Homeowners can use a few measures to combat their infestation.

Sodium Borate popularly known as Borax kills both dry wood and subterranean varieties of termites. Diatomaceous earth, orange oil, wet cardboard and neem oil are also good remedies. But surprisingly the easiest and very potent treatment is using vinegar spray. Make a spray with about half cup white vinegar mixed with about four tablespoons of lemon juice or use two complete lemon’s juice. Use this mixture and spray three to four times whenever you spot termite signs on surfaces and wood.

Silverfish and how to tackle them?

These are tiny glistening worms like insects found in clothes and paper and make quite havoc and best dealt with by expert services like Pest Control Thomastown, a few household remedies like use of borax yield good results. Borax is easily found in local stores. Apply a thin layer where you have found silverfish presence like closets, cupboards, cabinets, beneath household appliances, study room furniture. Baking soda is a very good option as it dehydrates the silverfish when fed on it. This is particularly good for reaching out to those unreachable areas, hidden zones. Also its best to de clutter the house, reduce humidity and seal up food to prevent silverfish attack.

Bed bugs and how to get rid of them?

Heat is excellent for attacking bed bugs and a household ordinary dryer can kill all stages of bed bugs including their eggs within half an hour. Also hot steam is effective and recommended as an option, and what’s more they can be used in places where one cannot use insecticide. Pest Control Doreen has several packages to address the problems from bed bugs. They are just a call away and have attractive quotes,

Wood borers and how to tackle them?

Since wood borers thrive on moisture, keeping doors, wooden articles and furniture dry is a great preventive option. Prevent borers from breeding by sealing crevices and cracks on wooden surfaces. Wood borers are killed by borate treatment. So choosing a borate based product for wood treatment is very effective.

Bees and keeping them at bay

Keeping bee repelling plants is the best method of control. Neem plants, Eucalyptus, Mint, Citronella and cloves-these may be grown in pots and are easy to maintain. Flowers like marigold and germanium also keep bees away. Peppermint oil and vinegar too are good preventives for bee infestation.

Possum and how do you prevent their entry?

These animals are very sensitive to smell and use this sense to search for food. So they can be kept away by smells that they avoid by using items like onion, garlic, molasses, hot peppers, ammonia and camphor. Cleaning and fencing out places where these animals can hide can prevent their appearance. Also placing clothes dipped in apple cider vinegar in places they frequent can put them off.

While it is useful to learn, and put to practice, these handy tips or suggestions to keep pests away, it’s always advisable to take the help of professional services and call in the experts like Pest Control Thomastown who have round the clock services that are carried out smoothly with no harm to humans or pets during treatment procedures. Prevention is better than cure, but professionals do the best job to keep our lives better, cleaner and pest free!

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