Some jewelry maintenance methods

Daily maintenance of gold and sterling silver: The biggest cause of silver oxidation is oxygen in the air, so blocking the air is the best way to maintain it. For example, put personalized necklaces for her in a sealed plastic bag and then put it in a jewelry box to block the air from the contact of silverware,

When silver is oxidized, you can use silver water or silver cloth to polish the silver jewelry, but the silver water has a strong lethality, so you have to wipe it with a silver cloth as much as possible. Take the flushing water and rub it gently, clean the surface chemicals, and blow-dry with a hairdryer, otherwise, the oxygen in the water will accelerate the oxidation of silverware!

In addition, soak in 90-degree alcohol for 12 hours and blow-dry after wiping it; or squeeze the toothpaste on a dry cloth and wipe it directly, the effect is also very good.

Gold jewelry: The discoloration or fading of gold my name necklace is closely related to the human body’s sweat. 99% of human sweat is water, and the other 1% is waste and harmful substances in the human body, such as chlorine, lactic acid, urea and ammonia. When these substances come into contact with silver and copper in gold infinity name necklace, they will react chemically, produce silver chloride and copper sulfide, and present a dark black chemical salt. This chemical salt often falls off gold jewelry, contaminating the wearer’s skin and leaving very noticeable black stains on the skin.

Cosmetics has now become one of the indispensable “roles” in people’s lives. If it is applied to the skin of the gold jewelry wearing part, it will undoubtedly provide opportunities for cosmetics containing chemicals and the “gathering of enemies” of gold cheap name necklace that is most afraid of chemical substances. The result can be imagined.

Some cosmetics also contain some fine hard particles, which can constitute another type of dirt, thereby abrading gold jewelry. Regional environmental factors may also cause gold jewelry to lose its bright color. For example, in dry areas, the air contains more original fine dust. When it is contaminated by the human body, it will form a “body sandpaper”, which can wear gold jewelry into very fine debris, and local black stains appear. It is worth mentioning that talcum powder or moisturizer also contains similar particles, which will eclipse solid gold name necklace as above.

Handling method: scrub with soapy water mixed with a little alcohol, rinse and dry. necklace